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  1. Rachelle81

    Rachelle81 Member

    Hello Peeps
    I've just started WW and I'm supposed to be going out for a Chinese tonight, anybody know what I could have that isn't too bad on the propoints?
    Thanks for the help
    Rachelle xxx
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  3. maidment43

    maidment43 Member

    Chow mein is lowest pp, 9pp per portion of chicken
  4. helen888

    helen888 New Member

    i work in a chinese resteraunt, and when people come in asking for the lowest cals per meal, i suggest:

    starter: choose a soup, such as hot n sour or chicken and sweetcorn (no prawn crackers!!) steer clear of fried starters such as wantons or spring rolls, and per slice of prawn toast is about 80cals!

    main: choose a dish such as :chicken or prawn green peppers and black bean sauce, or chicken in oyster sauce... and have boiled rice, not fried! (fried rice contains 625 calories and 32g of fat, boiled has just 370 calories and 1g of fat)

    Definately avoid crispy duck! each pancake can equal 200 cals!

    Have a great night, and good luck!

    **i understand this isn't in relation to pro-points, but dishes such as these are usually less fattening, remember at Chinese, even if you choose seasonal wok veg, it will be fried !

    ***pro points:
    Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup 3.5
    Hot and Sour Soup 2.5

    Chicken in Oyster Sauce 8
    Chicken Foo Yung 7.5
    Chicken with Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce 5.5
    King Prawn Chop Suey 3

    Plain Boiled Rice 6.5
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  5. ~Crooked Smile~

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    Those are discover points, not propoints. Propoints are higher, and there are no half points.

    If you just take a minute to search through the threads there are SO many about Chinese. In particular check out the thread "a few takeaway propoints" there are heaps in there for Chinese (amongst other things)

    (Also, 9PP for chow mein is for a restaurant portion, not takeaway. Worth remembering if you are ever getting a takeaway!)
  6. Rachelle81

    Rachelle81 Member

    Thanks so much everyone, I'll check out the other threads too. Xx
  7. Missjulieb

    Missjulieb Member

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    Did anyone actually find out what chicken balls were?
  8. Hello_2_Slimmer_Me

    Hello_2_Slimmer_Me Full Member

    ......... i looked in tesco at the ken hom's crispy sweet and sour chicken and its 18pp for 10 pieces (oven cooked) ... so would say that 13pp is for 1/2 a take away portion from the chinese (6 pieces) as this is also deep fried :)
  9. RedOwl

    RedOwl Full Member

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    I still reckon 13pp is too low for 6 chicken balls. That's only about 2pp each, which to me seems way too little for deep fried balls of batter :/

    Still won't stop me from eating them though, lol! :)
  10. Hello_2_Slimmer_Me

    Hello_2_Slimmer_Me Full Member

    hehe well i had a whole bag of them at the weekend with about 1/4 of the sweet and sour sauce and counted 26pp and i had a pork chop suey counted it as 12pp as wasn't sure ...... (49pp total for the day) and i'd had a wedding on saturday (counted as approx 50pp for the day) and we'd had nibbles friday night (didn't count as had no idea but i had 10 weeklies for it and 11 dailys which hopefully covered it) and i still lost 1lb this week ..... so they can't be far off or i would have gone well over my pp's and not lost any :D
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