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Chinese takeout & Xenical

So we're having chinese takeout for dinner tonight. The first time since I started on xenical in June.

I'm going to go for a veggie option but I'm wondering how bad it is with the pill and would it maybe good idea to skip it to lessen the effects?
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Go on smile! =)
I would advise to skip it, although its veggies most take outs fry everything and will still contain alot of fat. If i was you i would prepare my own chinese food at home and have it when people have their take-out. My general rule is stay away from take aways.
I figure once in 5 months is okay :p
Even if you do skip the pill it can stay in your system for a few days. I skipped my pills for 2 days straight thinking I would be ok to have dominos as my birthday treat and believe me it wasn't I had side effects. I think once in 5 months is not a problem, we need treats, the problem is to not have side effects you need to skip the pills for a few days which can be hard when your trying to get back on them when your used to not taking them.
If your just having a veggie option you can always ask to see how it was cooked and maybe see if they do boiled rice or something as well.


gunna be a fatty for ever
ive had chicken chow mein before. Its mostly noodles and chicken with a few veggies. it works out about 400 cals per half carton thingy! I asked my local chinese to fry it with out oil and they were happy to do that! Just ask them to dry fry what ever you have!

I dint take a tablet and got no side effects but i think its mainly to do with the fact they didnt use oil.

I do think its ok to have a treat once in a while it gives you some thing to look forwards to! once in 5 months will not do you any harm! The only thing i struggle with is the next day i crave naughty things so i try to plan my meals the night before and write them down

enjoy your chinese!

love katie
I know the pill can stay in your system for a few days afterwards. I'm just going to have to hope that Dominos has a ridiculously higher fat content than a chinese

I'm reading the menu and pretty much everything seems to be fried :rolleyes:

Ah well tomorrow is Sunday. I'll just have to drink lots of water and flush my system out. It will round off my pretty rubbish week anyway. :p

It seems if you're not eating homecooked or super market bought stuff it's really hard to get anything diety.

Fortunately I rarely eat out or eat take out


Go on smile! =)
It seems if you're not eating homecooked or super market bought stuff it's really hard to get anything diety.
Eating out anyway is fine, 99% of places have healthly stuff just take outs dont.


gunna be a fatty for ever
Eating out anyway is fine, 99% of places have healthly stuff just take outs dont.

yeah i find its best to check menus out online before you go!

i went to taybarns the other day! had a right slap up dinner chicken prawns jacket spud an still lost!

this comes with a quid pro quo. I am FINICKY about my chinese and let me tell you EVERY chinese take out place is different. some rock some are ok most just SUCK :)

I pretty much LIVE on chick chop suey. its nothing but veggies and some chicken. very little to no fat IIRC the guy at the shop tells me its 94calories. I find this hard to believe though it is 90% veggies. I count it as 200 calories to be safe.

if you get just white rice its steamed at most places so no oil no frying.

for me at least its very yummy. I have no idea what this pill is or what will happen with it but at my local place from work at least chicken chop suey is very low calorie and very low fat to the best of my ability to tell.


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey nerys

help me out here...FINICKY...IIRC?????????
Arrggghhh....they've gone!....i wanted to know what it meant too! :sign0163:


Go on smile! =)
Finickly means someone who is very particular about how his/her food is prepared.

IIRC =If I Remember Correctly :D

Back to school again and red is the teacher!
Eating out anyway is fine, 99% of places have healthly stuff just take outs dont.
I think if you start asking for sauces etc on the side they probably are in fairness. I hate being demanding in a restaurant though.

I mean I won't normally order beef because I have to have it super super well done and with no fat on it
id love a chinese right now, lol. as long as u try and get it cooked in ver little or no oil like someone else said (soz cant remember who) then u should b ok, it is only a one off treat isnt it, just dont get the yummy taste bak and want one every week, thats wat i would do i think if i even dared to hav a lil bit.

u seem to b doing really well tho hun so keep going strong and a lil treat once in a while is wat we look forward to isnt it
yeah I ate Chinese in Egg Harbor City where I work for over a decade. then for the first time I tried the same thing at another Chinese place and wanted to puke. all Chinese take out is NOT equal :) so now I am very careful with what I order from a place till I know their stuff is good.

I used to love getting shrimp and lobster sauce. when I got it in Virginia it was like gelatin! pure grossness. I did not even take a bite just through it away.

One time I got wonton soup from a place around home since I loved it so much and I kid you not its the first time I ever tasted something and thought "stale cardboard"

so I am very finicky about where I order chinese from :)
I asked for boiled rice, they sent egg fried. Although the veggies were allegedly deep fried but didn't seem to be.

Very nice though :D


gunna be a fatty for ever
any effects yet?

Think I got away with it! No nasty side effects :)

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