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I am now on week 4 of CD, but next Saturday I am going out for a Chinese with my OH's Company (not something I can get out of). Is anyone able to give some advice on what I should choose to eat so that I can limit the damage?

I intend to start back on SS on the Sunday.

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don't eat - if you do, you'll come out of ketosis and have to start from the beginning again. Done it been there, it's hard.

i went my firm's 'do' about a month ago and managed to get away with just eating a bar and drinking water.

what do you really want? to lose weight, or to eat that Chinese?. do you have to go?

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Oh it's a pain when things like this get in the way! If you can't get out of it then just try to eat smart.

Stick to low carb and stay away from the sauces. A small amount of chicken and some green veg should be easy enough to find at a chinese. Don't be shy to ask for what you want - you can always use the allergy excuse.

Try to drink as much water as possible and eat slowly - it's amazing how little you can actually eat if you are careful.

Try to avoid a big blow out - as yummy as it looks as it'll be even harder to get back on track!

Good Luck!!
Of all the things that you can eat, I think that Chinese is probably one of the worst for knocking you out of ketosis. If it was me, and I've been to dozens of restaurants whilst SSing, I just wouldn't eat. No one's going to notice, and if they do, you can tell them anything you like. My favourite is just to say that I'm on a diet and if I started eating anything on the menu, there wouldn't be any food left for anyone else!!

Just smile, drink your water and enjoy the company.

I know some people (erm like me) can take MONTHS to get back on track to SS after what they think is just going to be one night of eating. Don't risk it.

You poor thing!!!

I think it's easier said than done to not eat (although that's probably the wisest thing to do) not sure I could though.

Some chineses do english menus, perhaps you could just order some plain chicken. Not sure if I've ever seen any salad in a chinese? and not sure how they cook the seaweed?

Lol i'm sorry, I can just see you with a side plate of chicken and seaweed now, and can't get the image out of my mind!

Perhaps at the last minute you could fake an illness??

I hope it all goes ok, and you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Do whatever works for you. I decided when starting that I didn't want to stop enjoying my social life when on CD. I had a meal night out booked for 4 weeks after starting and reasoned it was better to have a night off than delay starting the diet for 4 weeks. I know a lot of people can't do this - but I just have a night off and eat what I fancy. Next day I may have put on 2 or 3 lbs but it's off again after a couple of days. That way i don't feel that I'm being denied anything. So far (in 11 weeks) I've been out for 3 meals and had 2 takeaways. I've lost 41lbs and I'm still really positive and motivated.
I must emphasize though ... YOU HAVE TO DO WHATEVER SUITS YOU !!!!
I have to say it is up to you! I have the same thing, going to an indian on Saturday for a birthday. But, I am starting 790 on Monday so I am bringing it forwards so I can have some chicken and salad.

You should try to stick to plain chicken (not in sauce) and salad, or the green veg. It will be so hard to sit there and not eat. It would be the smell that gets to me.

Having said that, one of my friends was ssing, and we went for and indian and she sat there with her jug of water, no food at all. I really felt for her. I know I have been strong on this diet, but don't think I am that strong!


Good luck on getting to week 4 x
I agree with the others here, it is up to you.

I had lunch with my husband last week and I sat there watching him wolfing down on a chinese meal. I only had some water, lol!

Well, I was reading one of the back issues of LL magazine the other day and it listed some suggested meals when eating out to keep your weight down. One of them is Chicken & Sweetcorn soup. I don't know if sweetcorn can knock you out of ketosis?

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