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Attack Chllli??

Aah me again!! Sorry for all questions. I have made a slow cooker chilli for family with beans and chill jar thing (note I say made very lightly!)

If I scoop just mince, lots of it and try to get no beans or sauce on that will be ok for tea or have I lost the plot is that mad??

Thanks guys you are so helpful xxx
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I'd say feed the family with that, and make yourself something different.

For a start, on attack, you need the leanest of lean mince possible... and mince which has befriended beans and a chilli jar thing just isn't gonna cut it.

Else, better still, eat it, enjoy it... have a good read of the book, and plan out your shopping and menus for a proper START next Monday! Howzat for a plan?


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Hi, Louise, welcome on board and good luck!
I would second Jo (Maintainer) and say no to the chilli. If you absolutely must have it, or are unprepared with a suitable alternative, call it a day, do some blitz shopping selfishly for your own precious self - and start tomorrow. No irony here - that is a survival tip for all Dukan beginners. Later on, when you are familiar with the plan, got used to how stuff works, you will be able to navigate menus and combine shopping and cooking for family and yourself on autopilot; now, however, this is the wrong route.
You can only have one attack and this is of crucial importance as this is the period when your body gets driven into ketosis; you will lose a lot of water, fat will start burning, and it is the most effective time - don't blow it from the start. Plan at least for a week ahead; do your shopping; set yourself a limit - like, will make the decision if this is right for you or not after, say, 1 week but during this week stick to the plan strictly in every way.
You have an allowed list of foods, get the supplies you may need and start, today or tomorrow. :)


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or have I lost the plot is that mad??
yes it is!!! as Jo says very low fat mince (tesco do less than 5% one - havent seen any that low anywhere else) and definately no chilli out of a jar - have you looked at the fat and carb content on the label?
Aah you have saved me from diaster!!It's is really lean mince! I should have made it into something for me. Ok no chili!!

Oh well prawns and mussels in little garlic and then I will have competed day one. I am right in thinking pre packed meat turkey is ok???



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i dont think I ever ate mince on attack (sorry im jumping to conclusions you might no be on attack) unless it was home made burgers.
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pre packed meat is ok in emergencies ...check the salt content ....dukan is quite strict and just think plain, lean and fresh if you can as you go on to cruise you wll get a bit more choice when you get into ketosis you wont think as much about food .....cook some chicken breast and boil some eggs keep in the fridge for picking at


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Re prepackaged meat. Confused now dukan says in book in odorless plastic packs presliced they are perfect to take with you for lunch??
Roughly where in the book is that?
I ran a search through the file on Kindle, the closest it came up with is pre-cooked lean ham in slices and pre-cooked chicken in the list "100 NATURAL FOODS THAT KEEP YOU HEALTHY". If you already have a package of those that you plan to lose, please copy the nutrition info or give us a link to the product description? What is the % of fat? Are there additives like starch, sugar, tapioca, any suspicious E's?

It would be easiest to stick to plain meat/fish/chicken that you cook from scratch so that you know exactly what has gone into the food, I think.


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Thanks, Louise! I think ham is a new addition, and, to be honest, have never tried that option as I don't like it so, unfortunately, no personal experience. Anjuschka posted somewhere earlier that it is within the 2% fat limit and she used it - and was OK, so just check the labels.
General caveat with prepackaged meat is high sodium content, might cause water retention if consumed too much.
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Remember that any mince you have needs to be beef mince and not lamb mince!

There is a lot of pre-packaged lean ham in different supermarkets.

Sometimes the ham that is labelled 'lean' or 'healthy' still has a high sugar or salt content, sometimes higher than the 'regular' pre-packaged ham.

Check the content on the pack regarding the fat, sugar and salt content, there are different varieties that easily fall within the acceptable boundaries.