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Chloe will stick to it this time!

I've been yo-yo dieting for ages now. I joint the gym in October, convinced this was the turning point. Unfortunately it wasn't. I started off at 13 stone, dropped to 12 and a half and then back up to 13 again. Since then it's only been the odd pound that's come off and it's always managed to work it's way back on.

So it's obvious that I wasn't trying hard enough. Well here is where the next round starts. I have uni exams starting in just over a week but for some odd reason I think that going to the gym will be a good form of stress relief.

Anyway, I'm sure this won't be read by many but writing it all down will definitely help me. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin by September when I begin my year abroad for my uni course. I know that losing the weight will give me the confidence that I so desperately need in order to succeed in my academic and personal life.

So here goes...
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I'm just trying to eat healthier food and smaller portions and increase my exercise. My food cravings are awful though! I'm trying to forget about an ice-cream craving at the moment by drinking loads of water!


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Good luck on your journey
I eat an apple if I crave something sweet (I dont like them much so need to be HUNGRY to want to eat one) and then see if later I still want the icecream dessert or what have you

dont know if it will help you - but hope so


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Hey heartbeats!

In my last year of uni, I used to get up before 5am to go for a run before going to studio. At the time it was to keep the weight down and keep in training, but on reflection it was such a soothing, me time thing I'm really glad I did it. Going to the gym will give you time away from study, and really help to work off any stresses at uni.

Good luck, bud! You'll do excellent :) And all the best with the exams too!

Thank yo both.

Bronski - I wish I had the motivation to get up at 5am for a run! Unforunately I am neither a fan or mornings, nor running.

I had a sickness bug at the beginning of this week and my appetite has almost disappeared since then. I'm not thinking about food nearly as much. Obviously it is not healthy as I am not managing to eat much at all, so far today I've only managed 2 mouthfuls of cereal. I'll make a doctors appointment if I'm still feeling this way in a few days.


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No prob, dude :)

Haha! I wish I still had the motivation to still get up at 5am, run or not!!

Aww sucks you're poorly :( I was sick last week, couldn't stomach anything apart from dry toast and crackers! Hope you're feeling better soon, keep the fluid up!



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Heartbeats, you do sound focused like you want this and I'm sure you'll take the bull by the horns and do it darl!

The excerise will benefit you greatly with both the stress and losses. My tip is if you motivated make sure the food and exercise have plenty of variety so bordem and temptation stay away. Lots of water too.

Get well soon.



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Oooo! The Med! That's wicked, you'll have such an awesome time! You'll so get that bikini bod, like Bren said, you're definitely focused and having a holiday to aim for will really put you on track :)



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You gotta treat yourself sometime! So long as you enjoy it, that's the main thing :) Seriously, we can't all go our lives without eating things that we enjoy. It's these infrequent treats that keeps us strong when we're making the right choices.

Ok so it's not been going too well but I'm going to try even harder now!
I've moved back in with my parents for the summer now that my uni term is finished and I think this will make things much easier. I promise to update this more often as well because it will really help to keep me on track.
Fab, Im really going for it too, we can do it!!
Today has gone well, I've only eaten fruit and a fairly healthy sandwich. Walked a fair amount albeit only for the sake of shopping! I've also decided to do as many sit ups as I can everyday in hope of flattening my tummy for my holiday in 4 weeks!


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Yay! Great to see you back! Well done on a great day back on track! You'll definitely have a beach belly in no time.

With the situps, I did a situps challenge a couple of years ago, that helped to keep on track with it. Think of a big, significant number (mine was my exact starting BMI without the decimal, so it was close to 4,000) and work it down.

Keep going!


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