Choccie Tetras


Gonna be a 10!
Hey all ...

Just a quickie cos I've forgotten already - just had my first choccie tetra ever ... mixed half of it with water and heated it up a little ... having the other half this afternoon.
Firstly - what a yummy winter warmer!!!
More importantly though how much extra water do you need to drink when you have a tetra?

I have 2x hot choc tetra's every day using 1 pack. I make each up into a HUGE mug of chocolote and add 1 sweeter. I really enjoy it also :D
do you know how much extra water we're meant to drink as I know CDC said something about an extra litre I think or was it a pint? I really can't remember!
I'm on my fourth week and had my first hot tetra yesterday. I made the mistake of having a whole one and I found there wasn't enough room for loads of hot water so it was luke warm but have split mine into two today and that is much better.

Tasty winter warmer...:D