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Chocolate and Crisps have been my biggest downfall, how do you get around them?

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by AngeleyesJo, 6 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. AngeleyesJo

    AngeleyesJo Member

    I'm just starting to try slimming world to lose weight, my problem has always been crisps and chocolate, I'm a bit of a nibbler rather than a big meal person, I just wondered what are the things I could have that would satisfy that craving that are low syn, cos its worse around that time of the month....
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  3. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    You can have chocs and crisps just incorporate them into your syns. You'll have to make changes like go for lower syned stuff.

    You could keep keep a syn box with low syn treats in just for you ;)
  4. Elvisfan4life

    Elvisfan4life Silver Member

    Some crisps have lower syns so try those and see if,they satisfy you?
  5. AngeleyesJo

    AngeleyesJo Member

    I've been looking at the fun size treats which seem to be low syn so that wouldn't be too bad
  6. AngeleyesJo

    AngeleyesJo Member

    Thanks elvis fan
  7. WannabeThinna

    WannabeThinna Full Member

    Crisps are a big thing for me too. Now I stick to Aldi cheese curls, which are 3 syns a bag.
  8. AngeleyesJo

    AngeleyesJo Member

    Oh they aren't bad then thanks
  9. Elvisfan4life

    Elvisfan4life Silver Member

    Quavers are quite low too i think
  10. Elvisfan4life

    Elvisfan4life Silver Member

    I love choc and a.ways use my syns for that....love fudge or curly wurly
  11. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Silver Member

    Some people freeze curly wurly's then they take longer to eat :D
  12. Likac66

    Likac66 Full Member

    I buy Aldi versions of Quavers and French Fries. Cheaper and lower in syns. The Cheese Curls are 3 syns and the French Fries 3.5.

    I also buy their version of little aero bars - "mini bubbles". They are 4 syns each and I nibble them slowly.
  13. Loops2112

    Loops2112 Member

    Freddo frog chocolates are 5 syns each. If you like white chocolate, I discovered the other day that milky bars are only 3.5 syns (it's the small bar, you get about 5 in a pack - 12g I think).
  14. I've been having the Metcalfes Topcorn (sweet and salted) as a snack instead of crisps :)

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