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Chocolate cravings...all in my head!?

So, my biggest vice has always been chocolate. I LOVE chocolate - i adore it, crave it, would walk through fire for it! I'm doing so well on my diet but i am ALWAYS tempted by chocolate and yesterday i gave in and ate a fun-size milkybar. ARGH!
It's not that big a deal, i'm on a healthy eating plan and not SS so i'm allowed to eat food - just not that sort of food!

Once i'd had one i wanted more but i stopped myself by telling my flat mate not to allow me to go to the shop!

The thing is, i don't even enjoy it that much and i always feel so dissapointed in myself after giving in but there is something in my head which says "eat chocolate, you LOVE chocolate".
I know i should have more will-power and i AM trying but it's soooo difficult.
Anyone any suggestions as to how i can crub my EVIL chocolate demanding mind!?
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I have no idea what PMcK's 'take' on this is, but my thoughts are that at one time, chocolate did do that magic thing, and it you have simply gone into associated thinking.

Your brain has learnt that 'this...means that...which means chocolate'.

You need to make a new pattern of thought to make a different habit.

Since this is the PMck board though, perhaps I'm just confusing matters.:rolleyes:
I love it too, moderation has to be key though..


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I have been fighting this chocolate addiction all my life - I don't know the answer.
Most of the month I can control it, I'll have a kit kat every few days, but see 2 days before my period and I CRAVE family size aeros.
All the time i am telling myself to get over it, but I just havn't been able to.

it's another thing about myself that i am accepting - I like chocolate and I feel my body needs it, more some times than other times and I shouldn't have to cut out everything 'bad' in my life, should I?

One kind of chocolate I dont like is the organic graham and blacks, I think it's called, very bitter leaves a nasty after taste, i suppose in theory if I stuck to just that kind then I would wean myself off it.


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From what you say Rowan it's not the chocolate that you are addicted to its the sugar...if you want to sign up to the NLP Forum at some point then I can help you clear that one up!! :)

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