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Chocolate Essence

Right I’d read on life online that adding choc essence to total 0% is a nice syn free dessert.

I searched high and low for this and finally found it in Waitrose and paid almost £4 for it in the search of chocolate syn free dessert/yogurt (I’m vegetarian so FF Activia and Onken are my choices neither of which do a choc/toffee /dessert style yogurt).

Anyways I was looking at the bottle and notices the main ingredient was 45% proof Alcohol unlike other extracts and flavourings I have used where it’s been glycol or water.

Please can someone let me know if this is still syn free? And if not where I can get some syn free choc essence?

I’m going back to group after a two week break on Thursday but don't have any lifeline online access till then.

Just getting back on track after having at least four non-SW friendly meals in the past two weeks!!

I became disenchanted as they could not correctly weigh me as I’m a wheelchair user who can't stand and my spasms caused my weight to go up/down by a stone within the same session (we initially tried averaging out my weight over three measurements but it was too large a gap) and although I was lucky that my consultant offered that I could attend free without getting weighed and come to Image Therapy, I thought I would feel stupid every week having to explain I have no idea of my weightloss especially as I have very little stomach muscle control so my tummy will always stick out no matter how much I loose, so it can be hard to gauge at times.

Phew sorry for pouring my heart out but I’m determined to get back on track!
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This is what I could fine online so looks like it is free. Sorry to hear about the problems you had with WI but you should be really proud of yourself for perservering and going back to class. Good luck with your weight loss:)
chocolate essence sounds good. never heard of it before, I'll have to keep an eye out
wow chocolate essence sounds good !! need to get myself some of that !! :D



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I bought some coconut essence - tried adding it to Natural Yog and blurgh!!! Disgusting!!!! Such as shame as hankering after coconut yog :(
for coconut essence can't you just mix a tsp of malibu into your yoghurt ? 1 tsp would only be about half a syn ;) ... 25ml = 2.5 syns so 5ml would be 0.5 syns :)

How was the chocolate essence? did it make the yog taste of chocolate or not really?


Slow but sure....
What about trying a bottle of 'Camp' coffee - it's been around for years and was the only way to drink coffee before instant coffee came into being - 1 level teaspoon is ½ a syn.
for coconut essence can't you just mix a tsp of malibu into your yoghurt ? 1 tsp would only be about half a syn ;) ... 25ml = 2.5 syns so 5ml would be 0.5 syns :)

That's my favourite solution

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