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chocolate my old friend...

Hi guys,

What is everyone craving the most? I have always craved chocolate since i started this weight loss plan. I've done ok really, only treating myself to chocy every now and then as if i didn't i'd go bonkers lol! I think it's easter that did me, i had 2 easter eggs which where lovely and i still lost weight but it's just got me craving it again! Anything chocolate i could devour right now lol!

xoxo :)
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Mad as a Hatter
Are the chocolate shakes not a good substitute ?

I do not have a sweet tooth at all so I find all the sweet shakes and tetras very sweet

I'm missing uncut bread and butter - oh and wine !!

** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!
Chocolate for me too (but then I was an addict!! :giggle:). x


This is the last time!!
The craving thing is odd for me - I am not much of a meat eater, occasional chicken and fish but that's about it really. However, meat smells soooooooo appealing. At a fair recently walking past the kebab stall made me drool which is weird cos I would never eat one!
I've not got much of a sweet tooth unless it's 'that time' - my desire is for pizza!


Silver Member
haribos! its not even the flavour or the sugar - its the jelly and the chew. It was my downfall last time and I'm hoping it won't be this time


please try again
i crave jelly with custard and philly cheese

i only have choc mint shakes so not craving choccy


Laugh in the face of food
Sandwiches, I think it must be the bread really, but I could really eat a Meatball Marinara from Subway. No sweet cravings for me, I'm sooo sick of sweet things now.


please try again
mmmmm meatball marinara
mm that sounds great .. subway always smells sooo amazing everytime I walk past ...
I must say I have been craving the weirdest things !! I could kill a packet of rich tea biscuits ( never ate biscuits really !!) and a bran flakes advert made my mouth water the other day !!!! how very odd !!!!
the salad bar at the harvester... and I use the term salad loosly..its more like a bowl of pasta/coleslaw/potato salad with a dribble of lettuce and sweetcorn..with the blue cheese dressing. NUM.

ive not really craved anything, when i thought of the salad bar i thought 'yum' but i didnt miss it at all, and if someone put it in front of me with a fork in my hand, i could easily say no.
ive kinda changed from last time i did this diet, as if anyone ate infront of me id feel a bit jealous and really crave stuff..this time i dont care, i make meals and bake and dont care about eating any.
lets just hope the feeling stays.


One day at a time!
Sweet food, savoury food, hot food, cold food, chewy food, crispy food, - did I miss anything?? lol;)

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