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Chocolate Orange? I Don't Think So!

i've been plesantly suprised with the taste of the shakes and soups all week and then I go and try my choccy orange one, expecting it to as nice as the choccy mint and omg ugghh it's awful, trying my best to finish it, but gagging on every mouthful! i'll be giving that one a miss when I see my cdc :) oooohh weigh in this affy...best get peeing so i'm as light as poss! lol!
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I didn't mind it too much. It definitely isn't as nice as the choccy mint though. I couldn't even finish the soups.....Cheese and broccolli tastes foul!!

Good luck with your weigh in!
I am just drinking a delicious warm and frothy choc mint - I agree I was dissapointed with choc orange I just dont fancy the soups but I suppose I should give them a try
The choc orange , yes its Awful , its a bit like something you would taste to heal a bad cold up lol
Its best to just drink them down and forget the taste as its all money and short term diet
im the opposite, im not too fussed on choc mint but i like choc orange! my fav has to be strawberry!
I actually had to down my choc orange in one it was so bad! I took my first sip of it and gagged and I'm to cheap to waste a pack! Lol.:sign0137:
Hi, i had the choc orange today, i had it hot. and it was horrible. i will not be having that one again. it tasted like a chocolate liquer i had a while back and i didnt like that either. the choc mint is nice.
GL with your weigh in. :)
I have to agree, the chocolate orange mings! I tried the one they did for Christmas, was it the orange spice one? Can't remember what it was called but it minged big time, like you Kellymundy I'm too cheap to waste a pack (but at nearly £2 a pop who can blame us!) so I had to down it, then found out my gag reflex works really well!

Bit gutted now, I thought this thread was about how to make a chocolate orange out of a pack :p
I know what you mean i heave at the smallest grain. I use a jug blender which 99% of the time makes it grain free. I have been off work since i started so dread goin back i'm not takin the blender - too obvious

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