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I'm having my daily 4 finger kit kat, yummm and im noticing since starting my diet, im finding chocolate is actually tasting better than when i used to be a fat guzzling machine!!

Anyone else find they're enjoying their treats a love more, savouring them and finding them tasting better? I gotta say, i like it better this way

...back to my kit kat!
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Bring it on!
Can not touch chocolate. i had some lovely crispy bites from M&S and promptly ate the rest of the tub (28 syns!) Think it's best i don't go there until my mindset has toally changed...i'm getting towards that already though


Slow but sure....
I'm afraid I'm the same, if I have chocolate - I'm lost, I satisfy my choc fix with cocoa and Options drinks, they have far less syns..
I've steered clear but have the odd curley wurley when the kids leave me one, I find the more I have the more I want, if I stay away from it I lose my taste for it, Getting addicted to ryvita minis though.
Freddo is my friend, Cappucino Kit Kat isn't!

I agree that chocolate tastes even better now especially when I'm really hungry. I love Cadburys Dairy Milk Freddo which at 14p and only 5.5 syns is a bargain and a satisfying treat too. Some days I just eat half or a quarter of him and it is enough to satisfy my choc. craving.

However, I am having to give up the 2 finger Capuccino KitKats as, although only 5.5 syns, I want more than one at a time. I knew I was losing my will power with them when I rang up their customer service helpline and asked them whether they could produce them in 4 finger packs. Nestle should make a capuccino chocolate bar too!


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I find I don't crave junk so much the longer I do SW. I'm living off Somerfield Swiss Rolls though (4 syns) except the people there will think I'm such a pig! x_x but they're only 16p!
Nobody will think you a pig, if you want piggy.....when I tried WW I ate a whole pack of (meregue?) nests just because I could on the diet, had to scrap me off the ceiling to go to bed with the sugar rush :)
Jaffa Cakes are my weakness, if I have a syn free daytime then I can pig out on Jaffa Cakes in the evening and still stay within the syn limit :D

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