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  1. KD

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    Was Cambridge, now maintaining

    Precontemplation is the stage where you don’t see the behavior as a problem for you, even if others do; basically, you’re not even thinking about making a change.

    Contemplation is the stage where you may be aware of the ‘problem’ but you haven’t fully made the decision to change. Those in contemplation are considering a change and weighing the pros and cons; you may even try out a new behavior without committing to a change.

    Preparation or Determination is the stage where you commit to the change and start making a plan for success. This sometimes occurs as a result of some other life event; a family member diagnosed with lung cancer can encourage one to stop smoking.

    In the Action stage, things start changing; you’re putting your plan into action and making a change. The new behavior is very conscious in this stage and not yet a habit (but you’re making it one!).

    The Maintenance stage requires less effort in making a change, but rather awareness to prevent a relapse. Coaches and change theorists discuss the differences between a slip or lapse and a relapse.

    In the Maintenance stage you are likely feeling more confident and your new behavior is a habit. Just like any habit, there are days when things don’t go as planned; in this stage you are maintaining your new habit, making sure you get back to it the next day.

    Termination or a Permanent Exit is when the new habit is now a permanent change.
    Choosing Change | Diets in Review Blog

    I'm in the Permanent Exit position now.

    So where are you on the chart?
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    Cambridge Weight Plan Step 2
    Somewhere between Action and Maintenance, even though I am not near goal yet. I mean I am still taking action but the diet is becoming more second nature, with less thought needed to carry it through.

    Another great, and timely, post!
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    after being around once and on second time around i am now in determination i have learnt from the circumstances of the past few years and now feel that no matter what life throws at me this time (Bodged tummy tuck and nearly died!) i will not turn to food for comfort as in the end it only causes more misery
    this is a good post thanks KD for taking the time to put it on
  5. andju

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    Hi KD I am exactly the same as Frances,I feel sort of between the two,Im going to print this out and stick it on the fridge,Its a great analysis of the different stages, put in a basic simple way, easy to recognise and assess your own particular journey,have you ever seen the triangle of fulfilment and life journey? its based on much the same principle although most people dont make stay on the top for long!!
    Well done on being in the exit stage,cant wait til I can say Im there!!
  6. susan70

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    im in action and begining maintainance, a great post thankyou.xx
  7. Mary Poppins

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    Maintenance....going away now to think about the difference in a lapse and a relapse.....I only lapse and I am not going to have a complete relapse!!!!!
  8. KD

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    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    OMG Susan (as in the Mary Poppins type). You read my mind. I just went to your diary (glad you found it with the title change BTW...thought you might still be searching LOL)

    Anyway, was just going to direct you to this thread as I had you in mind when I posted it :)

    I was thinking about you yesterday...will post on your diary about it :)

    Was hoping others would find it interesting:cool:
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