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Christening fears!

Hey all,

Well we are driving down to Bristol this weekend for a friends christening. Im kinda looking forward to it and Im kinda not.
Im Northern Irish and I will be seeing my friends from home and anyone who knows the N. Irish will know that refusing food isnt an option. Some of my mates know what Im doing but there are those who will give me a hard time and look at me like Im nuts for not drinking etc.
I just cant be assed with the grief!

Any advice would be welcome!
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
This is such a hard one. I have the same dilemma, an invite to a party by people I have been estranged with for a while. I am so afraid they will be insulted if I refuse all food and wine. I do not want to upset them. I am doing so well on LT I really don't want to break it but am so afraid they will not understand. Do we relent? Do we stay strong?


Positivity is the key
go to your parties and either state what you are doing, out and proud so to speak or use a lovely excuse many on here have used and say you have a dicky tummy and can't run the risk of eating or drinking.
Once you don't seem bothered about not eating or drinking no one else will be either.
Take care and above all do not drink alcohol no matter what pressure you feel, as it is seriously dangerous on this diet.
Best of luck.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Doirin, very sound advice. The dicky tummy is one I had not thought of so will definitely try that one. Thanks
I'm going to see my family in Ireland in November & am worried about not eating if I choose to move my goal lower!

However, this is obviously more important than one day of eating & drinking! I'd advise you didn't eat anything & what's more, it's largely irrelevant to other people if you actually eat or drink, they'll soon forget if you say that you definitely won't be eating or drinking! After all, people are mainly just interested in what they're doing...

Good luck!


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
wise advice, Han. Will do my best to stay on the lt trail. thanks

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