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Christmas concerns...CDC help?


Going for Goal!
I have got my head around the fact that I won't be at goal by Christmas :( I'm not upset about it really, just need to get on with it! However, I have decided that I would like to eat during the Christmas and new year period. I have decided this will include the dates between 24th December (Christmas Eve) until 1st January (new years day) This means I will have 9 days off the sole source plan. I have been looking in my yellow cambridge diet book and I am planning on moving up to the 1200 cal step for these 9 days. Then going straight back onto sole source, until I reach goal :) Now, considering if I have a blip I usually sts or put on, should I expect to still gain weight over these 9 days, or is it more likely that I will loose but not as much (obviously) without being on sole sorce. I just want to prepare my head for the possibilities. My plan is to put together a menu for these 9 days that I shall be sticking to (my family are all supportive of the fact that I am not going to be indulging, like I usually do at Christmas) But I am fully prepared to avoid the tins of chocolates, nuts and bombay mixes! Luckily for me I can not stand mince pies, so this won't be an issue! Any help/advice will be greatly welcomed and appreciated. :) Hugs x x x
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Gone fishing
Ah well, this will depend. If you are thinking in terms of weight gain/loss/STS, then who knows what the body will decide to do

But, if you are thinking in terms of fat loss/gain/STS, then you can be just a little more sure. On 1200kcals after following SS, you could expect to perhaps lose a little more fat, but there is a likelihood of STS (in terms of fat loss), because your metabolism wouldn't have had much of a chance to completely restore over 9 days, but it will be getting there.

There again you could lose (fat), but it highly unlikely that you would gain any fat during this period if you stuck to it 100% :)

BTW, I admire your preplanning and determination here :)


Going for Goal!
KD you are an absolute diamond - thank you :) I like to plan ahead, it makes things easier for me. I'm in a great routine with sole sorce, and I'm happier this way. I shall be writing my very own Christmas Menu (lucky me) and sticking it on the fridge! I will be happy with a sts over those 9 days. I'm also getting a wii fit with "the biggest looser" game - so I will try to burn calories too! Thank you for your help KD :) Hugs x x x


Wants to be slim :)
Hi Emma,

I know the feeling...not sure what to do myself. I don't really want to come off and break ketosis so thinking i might just have some chicken and veg for christmas lunch....not sure i would be able to sit at the dinner table with everyone eating their roasties and pigs in blanket though :( haha

Decisions, Decisions...!!

1200+ is a good idea x
Hi Emma, wow I admire you, my plan is off plan 24th'25th'26th then ss+ til 31st and off then and 1st. I hope to either stay the same or just put on a couple of pounds of water,which hopefully will come off quickly.x


Going for Goal!
Banafel - It has been concerning me for a while tbh! Having said that on Christmas day I will have a roastie and a pig in blanket, with a slither of xmas pud for dessert. I'm hoping to get the calories sorted for this and include it in my menu so I'm still 'hopefully' not exceeding the 1200 cal limit on that day. No idea how I will work out the calories for a roast potato, but I'm aware that the pig in blanket will have the calories wrote on the back of the pack. Mrs Taurus, you are right there - it will come off quickly again once i'm back on ss if I do gain some weight. Christmas day will be the only real 'cheat' I will have as far as roastie, pig in blanket and pud is concerned! :)


Going for Goal!
oops! Sorry Rebecca! I called you banafel, because I had just replied to her in another thread LMAO !!!


Yummy Mummy in the making
Your plan sounds good Emma, I have been umming and ahhing about what to do over Christmas and decided I will have 3 days off (24,25,26th) then straight back on SS. During these 3 days off I will eat sensibly though :)
:roofles: and there's me scrolling up and down the page thinking 'where's my post gone' eh?! lol
HaHa - I was half report writing, half posting on minimins, eating a cd bar and glugging water - shows I can't do more than one thing at once!!!
you have such amazing willpower hun!

i'm coming off on the 18th for a christmas do, and then going straight back on SS until christmas eve. having 24th 25th ,26th off - and by off, i mean 2 sensible meals, and a "christmas style" one (INCLUDING MINCE PIE AND CHOCOLATE ON CHRISTMAS DAY!)

i'll have been 100% for 2.5 months so i think i'm gonna treat myself and ENJOY IT! that way i won't feel too bitter when i go back on SS 100% on 27th.
hi all
i have just been to see my cdc this morning and ready to start again on monday, im restarting after 2 1/2 years :cry:
ive been thinking about christmas and what to do and decided to more or less do what you will be doing and SS up to christmas eve then a higher plan over the christmas period then jan 2nd back to SS
best of luck to us all over christmas :)

just need to go change my ticker now for my new goal ;)

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