Christmas Damage Report


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Thought I would start a damage report to keep track of damage and recovery. If you feel like joining in and adding then please do. I've had a week off plan but looking forward to being back on track and having brand new losses in 2 or 3 weeks time. I've decided to weigh myself twice a week til it's all gone

..............Damage Thurs Sun Thurs Sun Thurs Sun
AlexIce 9lbs
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Been off CD for 2 weeks and gained 5lbs. Back on it as of today so will undo the damage over the next 2 weeks :)


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Very good alex having such a positive attitude despite a gain, not an easy thing to get over for most it seems :)

Anyway..... No damage here pleased to say ate on Xmas day with one haz/swirl choc from roses tin LOL and turkey dinner minus pots.

Happy new year to you all and may 2010 and beyond be skinny'fied :D

X x x x

Tatty.. 5 pounds is nothing ! Well done x

Mrs Taurus

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Wow well done Mrs E!
I however have also been off plan for a week,and will be going back on plan fri 1st. We haven't had such a busy xmas period for years,it has been nice to wear skirts again at some of our do's. Haven't weighed myself since 18th Dec and won't til the 1st. No doubt I will be full of self-loathing when I stand on the scales in 2010,but right now ignorance is bliss and having a truelly fab xmas-best since 2004.

To those of u like Mrs E who have been good, I am not jealous but have oodles of admiration for you. xx


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Good luck ladies.

I stuck to 810 with the exception of a few slices of beef, so no damage there. I had brussels and salad with turkey. Nice to beat the bloated feeling :) Wishing you all success in your 2010 weight loss journeys x


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I was off plan for a week over xmas. Not sure of gain as im at my mums in England at the mo. Will be home on Tuesday and will assess from there. Im not worried over my gain though, knew it was coming and also know the weight will come off twice as quick as it went on. Congrats to all those who stuck to plans and to those who never.... hope you had fun :D


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LOL, it's bad. About a stone, I think. :eek: That's what you get for getting a promotion at work, having a 40th birthday, a wedding anniversary and Christmas, all in December...

But I am officially reining it all in today (I've got to - none of my clothes fit!). I'm seeing my lovely CDC (I'm supposed to call her something else now, now Cambridge have rebranded, aren't I? Can't remember what) on Wednesday but I've already got enough packs to last me until then, so I've got no excuses whatsoever. My partner and my son can eat the leftovers in the fridge!

So, here's to sipping a lovely chocolate tetra for brekkie (actually, I guess that'd better be lunch... Woo-hoo! I'm already half way through Day 1!!!)


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
dont own any scales here so wont know what damage was done since im not weighed again until 4th january

all the bad stuff was shoveled into those 2 yesterday and what they couldnt digest was put in the freezer ( like all the choc )or on top of cupboards since i cannot get up there


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S: 160kg C: 116kg G: 96kg BMI: 37.8 Loss: 44kg(27.5%)
Tatty - your 5lbs will drop off really fast. I am hoping my 9 will too. It's my birthday on 8th Jan so i am hoping to be properly back on track by then.
I am hungry today but battling it out as I firmly intend to do another 3 months of no cheating before my next break.

mrsessex - I did well on my xmas lunch, just turkey and veg. It was the other meals where I was with friends which cuased the problem ..oh and the twice when my mum (also on CD) insisted on going out for pizza.

However :) I am back on track and happy.


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Omg, i have totally overate the past few days....started off with my mums 65th birthday on the 22nd and continued ever since....wouldn't say i have stuffed myself silly but definitaley ate beyond fullness and made bad choices. Think the damage is about 9 lbs !! but totm is due any day now also.

Will most probably go on the 1200 plan to lose the excess, dont think my body will let me go any lower at the moment.

Hate this bloated lethargic feeling


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i had put on 3lbs from xmas eve to yesterday, got back on track yesterday more or less but wasnt feeling too good after the food from xmas day, in fact spent half the day in the loo (tmi i know) and weighed meself this mornin and have lost 4lb, no nibbles whatsoever today :)

we can do this and get rid of those extra few lbs we have gained


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I dread to think how much damage I've done but I don't have scales at home and am not seeing my CDC until 2nd January. I'm officially now sick of food and have got to the stage where I've started throwing stuff away (wasteful I know) because otherwise it's talking to me and I have to eat it to shut it up. I got to target just before christmas and I'm really looking forward to getting back there very soon!

Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas whatever you've eaten/drunk! x.


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I stopped CD xmas eve through until last night, i was determined to make the right choices, but i did make some bad ones too! i had chocs and ate too much buffet food even though i knew i was full! - thats a bad habbit i need to break! but... weighed myself this am and have stayed exactly the same!!!! i weighed myself 3 times just to check and will again tomo morn just to check again :p so im lucky, i did keep drinking water all the time and atayed to protein most of the time, i didnt really have very much alcohol at all- have gone off it since not having it,which is strange for me! anyone else found that??
Hope you all had a lovely time, and as you all know you can shed any weight gain in a matter of days!! im worried about new year...... more than i was xmas! xxxxx


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S: 160kg C: 116kg G: 96kg BMI: 37.8 Loss: 44kg(27.5%)
Well done Lottie - sticking to proteins is a good idea. unfortunately my downfall is xmas cake and I had far too much.
Today has been hard going getting back on track and I had an extra cd pack to stop myself from getting too hungry!


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hi all, i made it to xmas had xmas turkey with veg but yest and today been naughty, back on track tom, dont want t weigh myself till then but im hoping t shed the weight i put on as quick as possible, i hope its not too hard t get back on the motivation big time n want t use it to my advantage n make it to valentines day another stone lighter... hope uhad a good xmas xxx


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I think about 5lbs for me although I ate well on Xmas day but 'normally' around then. HOWEVER - the breakthrough has not been me thinking:
Well, I might just as well eat all the leftovers now as I've put 5lbs on in one poxy day so obviously keeping at this weight is unworkable for me :mad:
but rather:
Well, I had a good time (and also have a New Years meal lined up), but it will come off again as it's just a short-term gain, probably water/glycogen as I was low-carbing beforehand :cool:

Therein lies the difference between Chritmas 2008 and Christmas 2009


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S: 160kg C: 116kg G: 96kg BMI: 37.8 Loss: 44kg(27.5%)
Oh I love CD

Prechristmas eating and my visiting mother demanding pizza put on 9lbs.
So...updated damage report.
Sunday 27th 9lbs
Monday 28th 4.5 lbs

I know it's just the water going off but 4.5 seems so much easier to deal with.
oh happy happy happy :)

boardwitless - yes I agree. I have noticed that change too and it's wonderful. I feel much more in charge of what is going on foodwise.


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
well i dont own scales but did my measurements and had gained 2lb round my stomach which today is down to a gain of half an inch, yay cambridge


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Hi All
You have all done great on getting back on track!
Im not sure of the damage, couldnt face the scales! been back on SS since yesterday...
I actually ate sooooo much i made myself ill! felt sooo bad it was unbelievable! I really stuffed myself, not sure why, and had a ton of wine!
Felt so bad I couldnt face any more food, and couldnt wait to get back on CD! feeling much better today, WI wed, so fingers x!
think ive put on a fair bit, but will wait til wed to find out.. might not be too bad by then anyway!


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S: 160kg C: 116kg G: 96kg BMI: 37.8 Loss: 44kg(27.5%)
AlyB - I totally understand. i felt so awful after having eaten "normal" food. I had indigestion for ages. My body feels much happier back on SS! Don't worry too much about xmas damage - I am sure that by the time you get to weigh in most if not all will have gone anyway. Mine is disappearing at an incredible rate and I am so happy. At this rate when I get to my birthday on Jan 8th I will be celebrating my lowest ever adult weight!
Sunday 27th 9lbs xmas damage
Monday 28th 4.5 lbs xmas damage
Tuesday 29th 2.5 lbs xmas damage :) not far to go til I am back on track! If anyone brings food near me on New Years Eve I may get violent! lol maybe I should just go away for the night.

Updated damage report