Christmas day


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Ok I have thought about this long and hard and I have decided I am having christmas day off, I'm not going to re-feed as I am having that day off only and will be right back on 100% boxing day! I know I shouldn't but I also know myself well enough to know that I need this and if I don't Plan to have this day off I will either crack during the day at my sister-in-laws, feel guilty and end up giving up totally OR ruining xmas day for my partner by not going to his sisters on the day for fear of being around all that food.....At least this way I am in control and have a plan in place...
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You have to do what ever is best for you and it seems from your post that planning ahead to have the day off is the best choice :)

I hope you are able to get straight back on come Boxing Day .. i'm sure you will. And just don't go mental with the food intake Xmas Day or it may be harder to get back on x


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I totally agree with you. I am stopping for, at least, the 25/26/27 December as we have friends and family over on all 3 days and the kidz will drive me mad about food if I try and stay 100%. I would rather enjoy Christmas, maybe a little reserved with what treats I have, than get back on straight after.
I am not doing a re-feed either as am not thinking of this as a break in the diet, just as Christmas, so no excuse to do it again!!!
Hope you have a fab time with your partners family, and enjoy yourself totally. Next year you will be the skinny minnie at the party!!
x x x


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I agree. It is better do do it consciously. Than to try and stay 100% then end up picking at something unhealthy. Good luck. X


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From my experience when you come off 100% you can't actually eat very much and become very full quickly, even on re-feed week I still lost weight. So, even if you do take a couple of days off you won't be able to eat much therefore, won't be able to put much weight on from food.


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You'll do just fine lovely.... x


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I find that what ever I eat I seem to retain alot of water, so I can put 6lb on, but by the end of the next week I'll have lost 11lb. But that's my body and everyone is different. I'm having a full week off at Xmas and probs put a stone on but I can get that off in just over w week so really not worried about Xmas at all c