CHristmas has come early!

Blonde Logic

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I came home tonight, all the lights were off, and I thought "oh oh" hubby has slept through his alarm - for night shift.

I came in and made my way to the lounge and walked in and it looked like a Christmas wonderland.

While I was at work, he put up a tree, wrapped a load of pressies and spread them around and draped blue fairly lights all over!!!

I was like a little kid, I just started squealing I was so excited!!!!!!!!!!! THen I cried, I was so happy!!

This is the first time in 8 years we have had a tree, or lights....or anything that was Christmassy in our house.

With his work and crazy schedules, and muy always feeling a bit blue missing my family, Christmas sort of comes and goes for us without much notice here.

So, to cheer me up, he has been going out after work every night for the past week looking for bits and peices, and set it up to surprise me.

I am overwhelmed. I have all the lights off, christmas music playing, me and the kittys tucked up on the sofa, and I am just soaking it all up.

It feels so nice to have these things. I can't express why or how much it means to me what he has done. It;s just been such a long time. I have forgotten the comfort that comes with a darkened room, lit by a tree, with music and scents - its just, well, it feels like home.

Nothing has felt like home for such a long time.

I'm so lucky. ANd I just wanted to share my happiness. What a great guy. Love him to bits.

Here's to a Merry CHristmas to all of you, and a very Happy New Year.

Me, signing off, in the glow of Christmas.

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Gotta Make A Change
awwwwwwwwwww that sounds amazing
BL cherish the moment and make sure there are photos taken of the xmas wonderland :)
Have a merry xmas and happy new year


love it
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What a sweetheart-enjoy every moment


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awwww - its lovely BL
enjoy your christmas eve eve!
its just started snowing here - at last - so i'm feeling christmassy too
daisy x


Gotta Make A Change
lovely lovely lovely :D
so whats on the xmas menu for you guys?


I will do this!
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what a sweetheart and glad to hear you are sounding more upbeat. Enjoy the atmosphere, you deserve it x


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How very lovely of him BL ~ so glad it is warming your heart after so long.

It's really snowing thick and fast here! It looks magical outside the french doors from here on the warm snug sofa.... I can see people across the street looking out of their windows too. It's Chriiiiiiistmaaaas!!!! xx :p


Playing the Angel
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I am so thrilled for you BL!!! You deserve the very best and happiest Christmas!!! I am so overjoyed, how special and for such a special lady too!!! I hope this festive season brings you Peace in your heart, and lots of love and happy memories!!

Btw, your cake is awesome, I meant to post earlier in the week, but have been busy!! Hope you enjoy it, will post a pic of ours later...

Merry Christmas my Friend, may 2010 bring all your wishes to fruition.



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He loves ya Babe

Oh, how ,lovely. He obviously does understand how you've been feeling lately.
Happy Christmas xx

Happy Christmas everyone, I may not have time to come on here for the next few days. I'm sure it'll be the same for many of you.
I look forward to hearing how it goes for everyone.
It'll be my first Chritmas of eating since abstinence. Am I scared? You betcha I am.