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Christmas is harder than I thought!

This time of year is harder than I thought in terms of food!

I had my first xmas meal yesterday, tried to be good but think I came in at about 12-14 syns.

Got another xmas meal tonight which is going to come in at approximatly 20 syns.

Got WI tomorrow morning and just know it's going to be a gain :(

This is sooo hard :( cry cry cry! lol. How is everyone else getting on so far? xx
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Don't despair Wifey! I had a huge, 3 course Christmas meal this week as well as two other meals out and still managed a loss. I have been exercising though, and the days I've had big meals, I've balanced it out with just fruit or something tiny for dinner (purely because I wasn't hungry and didn't eat for the sake of it!)

If you do gain though, don't worry about it. This is exactly the time of year where it's okay to relax a bit and enjoy the celebrations and socialising. If you do gain 1 or 2 or 3 lbs...then it won't show massively on your clothes - they'll still fit. You can tackle it in the New Year!



I will succeed!!!
Hellie summed it up as usual hun :)

It's hard though - people at work keep bringing in choccies/cheese boards etc and offering it around. I say no, they say 'but it's Christmas' and I end up back at desk in a cr*ppy mood like a right old humbug. Lol.

I've changed my works meal out to something 'good' and will stick to only drinking my syns allowance of malibu and diet coke. Going to have a big breakkie of melon and berries again too. Because on Saturday I am out for a meal where synnage will be higher than 15. But other than that and Christmas I should be able to cope...I have to...been too naughty this week past to carry on!



Lover of Extra Easy
Don't despair! This is such a hared time for most.
Our consult summed it up perfectly.

If you have a small gain over Christmas that is absolutely fine
If you STS that is good
If you have a loss, no matter how small, that is BRILLIANT!

She said that last Christmas she was away for a week and had gained half a stone, but lost it within a couple of weeks, so if you have enjoyed yourself, it is worth it.
No good having losses and feeling miserable.
I know I shouldnt beat myself up about it too much but just cant help it! High syns yesterday, high syns tonight and more very high syns on monday! Trying to be good inbetween though!
Ok, after careful consideration I have come to the consulsion that a few days off plan/extra syns is not going to be a big deal. So I may put soem weight on, big deal, I know I can get it off again once this Christmas malarky is all over. No harm done in the logn term. Ya, I'm going to enjoy these meals and chocolates and myself! x
As Minders said my C said something similar last week:
"It's not what you eat between Christmas and New Year that makes the difference, but what you eat between New Year and Christmas that does."
I really liked this and although I don't plan on going 'off plan' aka 'off the rails' during the festivities, I know that if I do put on I can easily lose it again by following SW! You've done so well hun, enjoy! xxx
I remember last year someone saying, "It's not what you do between December and January, it's about what you do between January and December" :)
Thank goodness for that cos I'm having a terrible time this week with eating out. I just keep telling myself that 27th December I can get back into the swing of things, but I still feel down and as if I am failing myself. I've paid for my meal out tonight but I really don't want to go and eat it, it just seems pointless to have food I don't want to be eating and I know tomorrow I will feel sooooo guilty about this whole week and the weight I have gained (looking at 5lb and its taken me 2 weeks to loose 4.4lbs) is a meal worth the pain and anguish!


Never gets tired of SW!
Yeh I really think you have to look at the bigger picture here Sarah-Jayne!! You've lost 38 lb which is absolutely fantastic!! You're practically at goal! Perhaps if you have a few slip-ups over the next couple of weeks (which is completely understandable not to mention allowed!!) perhaps it'll spur you on big time in the new year and make you even more determined to get to goal, and maybe you wouldn't have had that big motivation quite so much if you were just sauntering along without these challenges!! XXX
My husband is skinny and he over-indulges at Christmas and it is one of the rare time he puts on weight. However, he just cuts down a wee bit after and loses again :cool::cool::cool:

So even normal people do have extra treats over Christmas.

They just cut down after.

We can do this.


Wishing and hoping!
well done you for being relasitic - you can always lose it after anyhow and still have the option of flex syns so not all dome and gloom

Ok, after careful consideration I have come to the consulsion that a few days off plan/extra syns is not going to be a big deal. So I may put soem weight on, big deal, I know I can get it off again once this Christmas malarky is all over. No harm done in the logn term. Ya, I'm going to enjoy these meals and chocolates and myself! x
I'm finding it really difficult too. I was in my placement school today and the staffroom was full of tempting things: a few tins of roses, quality streets etc, tupperwares full of homemade mince pies and tins of biscuits! I had a choc, a mince pie (a mini one to limit damage!) and a biscuit. Not good. I have a few nights out planned as well as the usual xmas festivities so my plan of action is to stay on plan as best I can until after New Year. If I do gain - so what? I know I can get lose it once I start SW properly again.


Minimins is the best!
ive been beating myself up too, over the last few weeks ive lost 0.5lb a week!! its been driving me mad, but then im enjoying myself! im still managing to have a meal out, a couple of glasses of wine and a few naughty chocs here and there, so i think if im managing all this and still loosing/maintaining when i give myself a kick up the bum in january the weight will come falling off again!!
we should eat, drink and enjoy ourselves for the next week or so and get straight back on the wagon afetr- in the scheme of things its nothing! and if anything what *normal* (hate to say that) people do - have a little pig out and then cut back...well thats what all my family and friends do anyway!!
well done on the positive thinking! this is a diet plan/healthy eating plan for life...and you will have obstacles most weeks - a night out here, a big meal there!

I think you have to put it all into perspective....if you have a day or two off in the week, where you have more syns than normal, it just needs to balance out.

I know i am going to have meals out this week, so i am going to have free foods either side of it. I am also going to up the exercise where possible....wii fit is great for when the weather is snowy!!! :D

You have done SO well - its people like yourself that encourage me to do well, and prove that it can be done! so thank you - you are an inspiration xxx

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