Christmas- it really is madness!

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This morning, I stopped at Saisburys as I had run out of milk and wanted to get sme for over the Christmas Weekend.

8AM, I thought it would be relatively safe.


The place was HEAVING!!!

That in itself, while it made me laugh at those who wait to the last minute to do their big shopping, didn't really surprise me. I should have known as I walked through the doors to the pandamonium.

But, having abstained most of 2008, I am very food aware now, and as mentioned before I often scan others troleys to see what people buy.

I have to say, I was SHOCKED at the amount of food in peoples trolleys!! My god! You would think we were on the eve of the apocolpse. Stacks and stacks and stacks of prepackaged foods, bags and bags of spuds, loaves and loaves of bread - I mean - it it s 2 day holiday for heaven sake, and the stores are only closed on day!!!

It made me realise, how much we (humans) stuff our faces, just because there is some print on a specific date on a calander!

I am not religious, but I am sure there is nowhere in the bible it states to eat to biblical proportions to celebrate the birth date of Christ!!

Those of you abstaining at the hols - (And that should be all of you!!! hehe ;)) consider yourelf lucky. What I saw the trolleys would only clog your arteries, increase your blood pressure, cause massive sodium bloat, and countless unnecessary calories and leave you feeling fat and lethargic.

Why is it we show our love to friends and family by gorging them on the most highly calorific, fat laden foods? "here - I love you - let me prepare you a plate of heart attack" ?????? It's mad!!

I won't be abstaining as I am in RTM, but I can assure ou - my plate will be no different XMAS day, then it has been for the past 12 weeks.

Just remember what a good think you are doing for our bod, and don't feel deprived. Its obscene - and its unnecesary, and you will all feel so much better for it.
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Wise words

As always.
Happy abstaining Christmas everyone.



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BL, I totally agree!! I hate Xmas food shopping, especially as we usually just go to my mum's and I never buy anything extra special for Xmas anyway. Warning - food talk in next sentence! I did, however, always used to buy real butter for toast in the mornings, but that was it!

I'm abstaining completely this year as I said in my other thread about me being the only one in my group to do so.

I've said to the family that I'm not going to help dish the meal up, and I probably won't go and sit with them while they eat, which they are fine with (I just think it could be a little bit hard to see them eating my fave meal, however, it might be easier than I think because it doesn't bother me to watch TV when they are cooking, listen to people talk about food or see someone sitting and eating the stodgiest, fattiest food). I just thought I'd warn them anyway.

I said yesterday to my mum that I hoped she wasn't going to leave bowls of chocolates, sweets and nuts all over the house like she usually does and she replied "oh, for goodness sake, you've got to think about the kids, Xmas is all about the kids you know, and they've all told me how much they are looking forward to it", as if I was really selfish. In looking forward to it, I assume she meant eating all the cr*p!! She did say she'd leave them in the kitchen for them, but didn't even react to my comment that I don't want my three kids who are old enough to stuff themselves with the cr*p she'll no doubt supply!

Maybe I am being selfish...........


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If there is loads of wine I am not too phased about the food :D:D:D

Only kidding. I agree with you BL, its insane the amount of food people eat. Saying that I could eat my body weight in brussel sprouts, apart from the windy situation that induces its not too bad for you :p

I think I am in one of those really silly moods and should maybe zip it :8855: