Christmas Shopping ...


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Has anyone started yet?
Is anyone super organised and finished yet?

I'm still in the looking around phase, but I need to start now ... I normally wait until the last minute and am super broke in December.
I started in september. Had to find birthday presents then so thought I might as well buy christmas stuff then too. I've got most of what i'm going to give my kids and a couple of things for other people but still more to get.

I'm usually not this organised and wait till the week before then panic lol
i have all but finished i only have a few thing to get i,m normally a last minute shopper and can,t quite belive i,m finished mind you haven,t done the cards yet !!!!!!!
I used to be so organised when it came to buying presents but that all went pearshaped about 3 years ago!! Don't know why!:eek:

I'm okay putting the money away each week as it goes into a club account and if I don't give it to the agent I have to pay double the next week to catch up. But when it comes to deciding what to buy everyone I've left it until the last minute.

So this year I'm determined to get everything sorted in plenty of time so I'm not sitting on my living room floor at 3am on Christmas morning wrapping up presents!!:eek:
I have it down to a fine art now.

December 24th morning and afternoon: buy presents.
December 24th (1/2hr before shops shut) get food.

Christmas eve: (midnight) Sit with pressies, wrapping paper and brandy whilst listening to Carols from Kings.

Christmas morning 1:30. Unwrap again to see what I have wrapped. Then wrap again. Slurp brandy.

Christmas Day 4:30 am finish wrapping pressies, preparing veg and other goodies. Chuck Xmas stockings around. Quickly eat mincepie, carrot and drink brandy. Decide will have more brandy instead of going to bed.

4:35am watch children open their christmas stockings :cool:

Okay...not quite like that now they are older :)

i have started but you know that cos we talk everyday on the phone lmao, i have some bits and peices, im ordering my boys electric guitar tomorrow, couldnt order it before as with kids being off i didnt want it delieverd while he was on school break, i will also be ordering a very good set of headphones lol
I've made a start but a long way to go yet. Always plan to be dead organised but never quite manage it. Every year I say I will wrap the presents as I buy them but every year I end up doing them right after Midnight Mass so I'm extra knackered on Christmas Day. This year though......

If you want to hear about organised, get your top tips from my pal Loopytigger. She's had her cards written since August....except for the old people:eek: Just in case!
Hi all

I used to be really organised. This year I'm not really. I've sorted out the presents for the kids. I've been buying them through the year here and there (let's hear it for Woolie's toy sales!).:D I've stashed them all in their nana's but when I checked what I've gotten them, its bloomin loads! :eek: I didn't realise how much I'd gotten... I'm going to have to start wrapping about a week before.:rolleyes:
I haven't really sorted anyone else out yet. I get my Christmas tonny in a couple of weeks so I'll probably pop up to Speke retail to sort out the rest.
I've told Roy (hub) that I want clothes for Christmas as I'm planning on being smaller so nothing will fit! :)

Take care
They are all bought, wrapped and ready for the big day!!..... and then I wake up.....LOL:D :D sorry - couldn't resist being silly although I do confess to having started though haven't wrapped any yet - probably end up doing that Xmas Eve...:rolleyes:

I have everything bought this year and half of it wrapped! Not normally this organised but three friends and I went on a two day shopping spree with the express intent of doing as much of our crimbo shopping as we could !
I've picked up a couple of special bits already from my travels this year but the bulk of it will be done in Dublin on 23 November with my sister, and in London on 6 December with my daughter...........assuming I can raise some funds by then, of course :rolleyes:
I've gotten all of my daughters last.....really need to stop buying stuff for her!! Cant wrap them until I get to Dublin for Christmas cos I need to make sure 'santa' doesnt get any of the same pressies for her as granny & grandad & my sister!!

Have very little bought for anyone else....every year it gets harder and harder!! The only problem I have is that I seem to buy lots of bits & pieces at various stages so now have ended up with a tonne of stuff for Chloe!