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Christmas weigh in

This has been niggling me, so thought I'd see what every one else thinks..

A few years ago (on attempt number 457) I went to weigh in between Christmas and New Year and over heard my then consultant talking to one of her friends about how it was "really sad that Mrs X lost 3lbs at Christmas and how it was sad and she should get a life as it's Xmas".

This has stuck with me as a) that consultant was rubbish and just jealous but also b) i'm hoping to still lose at WI..but don't want to be seen as "sad"!

What does everyone else think? Are people having time off plan or still sticking with it? x
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I think ignore everyone else and what they think. You CAN enjoy christmas on plan and that's not sad. I am sticking 100% to plan this christmas, and let me tell you, some of the stuff on my menu is nicer than things I ate BEFORE SW. My treats are all synned and within plan.

I know that some people are taking christmas off, and that's fine too, but if you want to stick with it, then stick with it. Especially if you were to get SOTW because of it.. that would be pretty awesome.
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Yeah. Stick with it.
She was just jealous, I'm sure.

I would love to lose over Christmas. I don't know whether I will or not, as sometimes you can't tell, and although I hope all my treats will be within my syn levels, until I've done it and can say they really were, I can't be sure! But I certainly don't intend to gain, and it won't be because I need to get a life and don't know how to enjoy myself!

You go girl.
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Hi .... If you are being SAD I will be SAD with you :giggle:...
I weigh at home and will be weighing in on boxing day as Sunday is my usual weigh day. I see no need for me to have time "off" as Im not "on" a diet... so I will be eating the SW way..... at last after X number of attempts to lose weigh I have actually got to a point where I really really do want to lose weight more than I want to shove things down my neck and I wouldn't exchange that feeling for any amount of xmas pud etc...

Hope everyone has a lovely time whatever they choose to do :xmassign:
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Well, my group is off over Chrimbo as Mondays but I went to another one yesterday and lost 2.5lbs and will be going back next Wed. Not much pressure there then!!! I feel wonderful and losing 31.5lb since July is the best Christmas present I could give myself (apart from me giving myself my 2 beautiful boys)......
You go to weigh in if you want lady 'cause you won't be on your own. Personally I am only having a sticky toffee pudding with thick cream (have syned it already) and I am going to thoroughly enjoy it!! Have not had one since July!!! apart from that I am on plan. There is so much good food I can have on plan...just looked at the menus online, prawn cocktail, the turkey dinner etc.
I have got a life and losing my weight has made it a whole lot better!!
Merry Christmas
Ah that was just one woman, I wouldn't let that put you off.
If you want to lose over christmas then you go for it girl! I must say we have a bit of fun at our group before christmas, guessing who will lose or sts. You know who is determined and fair play to those who do lose weight. I would love to sts but there is so much wonderful food in my house (not chocs but savoury goodies) and I'm going to my parents house too so I don't think I won't gain.

I am quite jealous of those who lose or sts over christmas because they are stronger than me!!!


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I was the only one to lose at my after christmas weigh in when I did weight watchers. To be honest I couldn't of cared a less what anyone thought cos I felt fab and I did enjoy christmas too! :):)
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I'm weighing in on the Weds between Christmas and New Year. Am not expecting a loss, but am hoping for half a pound, cos that'll get me to my 2.5 stone shiney.

I'm eating meals normally, and having fruit as my "first port of call" snack, but there's going to be lots of gin (and slimline tonic) being drunk, and nuts by the handful.


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Whatever you do...............just enjoy it, life is too too short to be stressing over what small minded people think!!!

Merry Xmas

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I think that C was very rude to say that about a member and that anyone who manages to actually lose over Christmas should be congratulated. I intend to sts, which i managed to do last year even with a few treats.


Just doing it this time
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I am 'off plan' today (although I have only had a packet of crisps and a chinese tonight which hasn't been planned' - no egg fried rice - so it's not that bad really.

BUT have had two dark rum and cokes - already - ah hem.

Tomorrow I am also 'off plan' and know that I shall enjoy my Christmas dinner with all the trimmings - but I am not going mad because I don't like feeling really full these days.

I will be back to SW on Boxing Day and Monday and may have just a little gain on Tuesday when I weigh in.

It's Christmas and you should decide how you want it to go.

Happy Christmas everyone.
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How unprofessional of her! I would definately lose respect for my C if i over heard her say that :(

Don't let that dictate how you do over Christmas x


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Well, I weighed today and had lost 4lbs, probably partly as I had a severe migraine midweek and didn't eat for 48 hours. And I don't care if that makes me sad. Your coordinator should praise you up for being so disciplined. I'd ignore her. You go girl!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
i'm having christmas off plan as it's only once a year, but i have given myself a limited time off and will definately be going to weigh-in on wednesday. i've accepted that i will gain, but hope it's not too severe and i'm ok about it.

it's not sad to stay on plan over christmas - it just shows you've got alot of willpower and determination. i hope you have a big loss this week and show the rest of the class that it can be done at this time of year.
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I was planning to go weekly syns for xmas, but got talked out of it at group... so synning it up today and today only, then back on plan from breakfast tomorrow... :)

Good luck in losing big this week, ignore the others and do what suits you!!!!
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I failed miserably in my plan to stay on plan today..
I had a mince pie and 3 after eight mints at dinner, and a bottle of larger when I got home...
everything else was SW though..
I've hardly been on plan since weighing on Weds evening. Not bad but not good either.

So after tomorrow, is back on plan and i'll be at weigh in on Wednesday with at least a 2lb gain.

But our C told us to relax and enjoy and pick up again after xmas if we wish, as thats what she'll be doing. Its once a year but good on your if your able to stick with it.

To much chocolate here thats too tempting for me.
S: 17st11lb C: 16st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 1st7lb(8.43%)
*whoop whoop*
I have just done my weigh in and have lost 3lb this week :smiley1842:..... it has to be the first festive season in memory where I haven't gained at least 1/2st :bliss:...
Hope everyone has a lovely day.....

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