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Nope I will still take it! And just enjoy the day and the consequences SIGH! But as I think I am doing Xmas at my house! Will be low fat ALL the waaaay :0)

No mince pies!!
Found a recipe for no fat roast potatoes :)
I do roast potatoes with frylight so its minimal & well within the rules, I have them a couple of times a week to get me over my I need something naughty days!!!! This all depends of course of what I end up working, my work is a 365 days a year operation so I will get a shift either Christmas Day, Boxing Day or NY Day & working it out I think I will get Christmas Day this year so I may end up with a turkey sandwich at work lol
Yup I am intending to carry on as normal, well we don't celebrate Christmas as are Jewish soo is to us another day, although we will be at Mr Butters parents place in Scotland n they always have tasties around, n knowing them they will buy me cheese which i love but it hates me now I am taking Xen, may have to ask them to not buy as much this year, as a full stilton wheel will just be a waste as my tummy n mr Tango man will hate me,

Yes Ceejay its a spray, it is only calorie per spray & 10 sprays is only 1g of fat - godsend for those roast (well almost) potatoes & carrots.....

I am glad its not only me cos I would be so lonely if you were all visited by Mr Tango & he only avoided me - maybe he has heard about my cooking lol
Made with lurpak lighter, 1/4 cup less sugar and 1 less egg..

Comes to 176 cals per slice.. 30 slices per 23cm round cake
Last xmas time I made for my mother in law a mosaic cake with a cup of dried apricots, cup dried figs, cup dried cranberry's, cup dried blueberrys, cup dried mango, cup unsalted pastashios, 3 cups flour, 2 egg yolks, cup dried bannana, and a few otehr dried fruits, she adored it, I am debating making another this year but need to work out the fat content first ...
Had one bit to try.. Plus OH and kids.. Can't notice the lack of butter.. Or the fact that I used less sugar.. or one less egg

Will try again when cold tomorrow.. And then if all ok.. Maybe try make one with 1/2 apple sauce instead of butter :)


Not such a fat kat now :)
I intend to carry on as normal should be absolutely fine.

How many grams of fat in the cake ?

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toofatkat said:
I intend to carry on as normal should be absolutely fine.

How many grams of fat in the cake ?

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In the slice 6g and 176 cals.. I think one slice is about 100g - will check..

Per whole cake 5289 cals and 185.9g fat..

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