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Chromium supplement??

I was just wondering if anyone has tried this?? i have PCOS and i get major carb cravings which sucks on this diet as you can imagine.. i was looking thought a mag and it said that this supplement keeps your bloody sugars stable in turn reducing the carb craving.. I have ordered some in 200mcg so i will let you know if it does help. :)
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I've got PCOS too. Not sure I would take any supplement that works on the blood sugars while on CD.
I take metformin but I come off it while on CD. I'm not diabetic and only take it due to PCOS.
I'm lucky apart from being overweight I don't have any other symptoms, how about you? Oh and I've also got underactive thyroid, bummer ay Having both! :(
I did Tony Ferguson (the shake diet from
Boots) and you get a chromium supplement with that. It does stop hunger/cravings but I don't really fancy taking it with CD.
hi karen
Yeah i was given metformin but i had to come off it for cd and all it was doing was thining my hair on my head.. i have the overweight.. excess hair.. pain.. and irregular periods etc the bundle really it sucks.

I want to be 120% on this diet and im sooo good till i get in the house then i munch & then the vicious cylce starts again :(
Ha, same. I'm good then get home and just can't stop myself eating! Grrrrr!!!
I didn't know metformin caused thinning hair!? My hair has always been fine but is getting thinner.
I did loose weight before and most of my symptoms went, my hair even got thicker which I loved! Looked so much better!
A few years ago I had bad skin and my periods were awful and very irregular. My skin is clear now and periods every 32 days.
Are you on SS?
well im trying to be on ss but i keep arseing it up :( and it make me so angry with myself then i know that is a waste as you cant turn back time but getting in the house is the worst for me its like an urge :(..
How much have you to loose?? to get to my perfect weight i have about 7stone to loose. i did cd in 2008/9 and lost about 4stone but then left xx
Not sure why you need extra the packs have it in already! can you OD on the stuff?
Well I thought I had 4st to loose, that takes me to 12st, but looking at weight charts that's too heavy and I should really be around 10st ish for healthy weight range.
I'm going to try again tomorrw, I have done it before so I know it works and that the hunger goes, it's just tbd urge go eat and then over eat that I can't control.
Are you giving SS another go tomorrw? You should, I'm going to keep trying until I do it.
Oh yeah, sorry for getting side tracked, I need to loose around 6st, omg that's alot!!!
shazza as i said in my first post the reason i want to try this is to curb the awful carb cravings i get. no you cant od on it.. you pee out what your body doesnt use.. its naturally produced by your body but as you get older is depletes

Karen27 we sound like we are singing from the same hymn sheet ive been ss today so far i get weighed on wed so fingers crossed..xx

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