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Claire's 100% Diary!

It's a fact that writing down every morsel of food and drink that passes your lips is the only completely accurate way of measuring all your food and drink. So here we have it. My very own food diary!

First day of (restarting) WW.


Egg (x2) ...
3 points
3 slices of WW bread ...
Small glass of juice ...
3 points

Weight Watchers Tomato Soup ... 1 point
2 slices of WW break ... 1 point

Homemade chicken kebabs
Chicken breast ... 2.5 points
Tortilla wrap x2 ... 4 points
Peppers ... 0 points
Lettuce ... 0 points
Low fat mayo 1.5 tablespoons ... 2 points

Mullar light yoghurt ... 2 points

Total of 20 points.
My limit is 22... so if I snack anything else I shall write it down tomorrow!
Not a bad day if I do say so myself!

Lets hope they all look like this hey! Need a good day really because yesterday (my last day of absolute food freedom) I ate chocolates and pollo alla creme and icecream ... oh god, i'm salivating at the thought! haha!

Hope everyone has a good day :)


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Looks like you have had a really good first day, good luck!
Aw thanks so much! Comments like that remind me that I am going to nail this diet! lol.

I sneakily had a truffle though - so thats my 2 points gone!! lol.
Didn't have a yoghurt yesterday and had a few truffles instead - so allowed 4 points for those truffles!

Today will be an EXCELLENT day!

Starbucks Peppermint Mocha (had not even half of a tall but will allow it extra points to be safe!) ... 2 points

Special K (45g) with 125ml of milk ... 4 points

Salad (lettuce and cucumber) ... 0 points
WW pitta bread x 2 ... 3 points
small tin of tuna ... 2 points
2 tablespoons of salad cream light ... 1 point

So this is 12 points ... Not too sure what we are having for dinner yet. Perhaps a chicken in red wine sauce (packet stuff nothing too fancy lol) with some roast potatoes.
So I would estimate perhaps 6-8 points depending on how many potatoes I have! I will be making the sauce with water rather than milk etc ... so that saves a few! And then its just a chicken breast with a few potatoes - think ill have 100g which will make it 3 points + the chicken breast!

Its a nightmare right now having all the christmas biscuits and chocolate and everything else around. My OH was sat there last night munching his way through an entire tin of M&S biscuits .... I just sat there and continued to read my book. Lets just say I read the whole book last night! lol.
I am positive about this, and I know that in the future I will be much happier, so I just need to stick at it and soon I will reep the benefits I am sure.

So my prediction for today is 20 points plus a yoghurt or a piece of toast as a snack later!

Also today I will be going on my Wii Fit as part of my little experiment.

For those of you who don't know what my plan is ...
I plan to do 45 minutes EVERYDAY until the end of January. Not practical sometimes but I will ensure I get up extra early etc to do it. I read a few articles online and people have said that they have genuinely lost weight without changing their diets at all. ( see here ... The Great Experiment: Wii Fit – Final Report (Or How I Lost 10 Pounds in 7 Weeks by Playing Video Games) | 4 color rebellion )

So thats my goal. Hopefully it will kickstart my body too ... seen as I unfortunately cannot afford a boot camp like GI Jane I will have to make do with what I have!

Wish me luck :) will report back later!

Thanks cupcakekatie! :)

So heres a little update ... its 11.50am and I have had my starbucks at 9am this morn but ...

I've just done my first 57 minutes on the wii! Woohoo! It was pretty good actually. I did sweat and was out of breath at points like when Iwas doing the "jogging" bit and all that.
I can see how it helps you lose weight - obviously you can fool the wii by doing it with your hands or the controller. But you are only cheating yourself so whats the point? I am happy that I have done the 57 minutes, I even did some yoga and breathing at the end!


Now for some cereal, and then a nice hot bath before I hit some essay writing :( I reallllly can't be bothered to be honest!

Well done! Ive also got essay, well dissertation writing to do over christmas and ive not done any! I just cant get back into it now ive had a break!
Oh you are in your third year too???
I am doing a dissertation aswell. I have done my lit review, methodology and have some results. But still waiting on the last set of results before I can do anymore really!
I have done one and a half essays too but have half an essay left. Due in on 11th Jan.

Dissertation not due for a while, but would be lovely to get some out of the way! lol.

Diets and uni just dont work! lol.
I agree! my dissertation is due on the 19th jan, and im nowhere near close to finishing!
Wow yours is due early! My conference isnt until March and it doesnt have to be in til May!
Little update for the day...

I had my starbucks and my cereal, and then ate one tortilla wrap with tuna and salad, and not even half a pita bread ... sooo that adds up to 11 points

then I had a piece of WW toast with nutella (only a small bit) .. 2 points in total for that (1.5 for the nutella!)

so thats 13

And then I gave in to the chocolates that were staring at me... :( So I had 2 ferrero rochers .... they r 1.5 EACH! So thats 16 i've had today already :(

I really don't know whats for dinner yet either because I have just realised we don't have chicken for spanish chicken! Whatever I have it has to be low points - less than 6 points! Soup? Maybe.

I'll update again later!

Chicken breast ... 2.5 points
Potatoes ... 2.5 points
Carrots (boiled and then roasted - NOTHING ADDED) ... 0 points
Sauce (made with water) ... 1 point

So thats 22 points exactly!


Now as long as I don't let another morsel pass my lips i'll be fine!

I think tomorrow might be a tough day because I hope to finish my essay tomorrow!

Hopefully i'll have this:

Special K with semi-skimmed milk ... 4 points

Soup (heinz) ... 3.5 points
WW bread x2 ... 1 point

And not sure about dinner JUST yet. If I stick to that for breakfast and lunch, then i am thinking either WW pasta with a lil bit of cheese ... or perhaps a WW curry? Or maybe spaghetti bolognaise! Mmm, so many possibilities!

I want to save a few points though for the next day because me and the OH are going to harvester for dinner (new years eve!) And a few drinks. I would LOVE a glass of wine and some malibu and diet coke or something like that!

I may go over... but will make it up by being hungover the next day! lol.

So far today I have had ...

Special K ... 4 points

Mullar light yoghurt ... 2 points

Thats it so far. .. I am essay writing and am just not hungry - YET! If I am, I think it will either be soup or perhaps a small bit of pasta? I am not too sure really.
But for now I am a happy girl!

Right ... back to essay writing for me!

I have been that engrossed in my essay writing - which I have finished by the way! HURRAH! That I havent eaten anything else ...

So I am hungry now... do I go and pick my boyfriend up from work and not eat ... do I have a piece of toast before I go? Or do I go to Mcdonalds and get a happy meal??

Hmm ...

I just looked and a nugget happy meal had 11 POINTS! Crazy!
So I will have toast and some nutella and get ready quick and then go pick up the OH.

When we get back I will start cooking our spaghetti bolognaise / pasta dinner! :)

Not a bad day if I do say so myself!

Special K ... 4 points

Mullar light yoghurt ... 2 points

2 pieces of WW toast with nutella ... 2 points

100g spaghetti ... 5 points
meat for meatballs ... 6 points
WW tomato sauce ... 1 point

totalling 20 points today!!! Yay! So 2 points under today means I have have 2 more yummy drinks tomorrow night! haha.

So today was a good day with food really. Havent done my Wii workout yet though :( So might do that after eastenders! ha, with a belly full of spaghetti! lol.

Will check in tomorrow!

Happy pointing!


Hello again!

Just checking in for the day (so far!) will update completely tomorrow.
I went food shopping this morning (HURRAH!) Got LOTS of yummy fresh veg and lots of other scrumptious bits to make into healthy meals!

Food for today ...

M&S count on us thai red curry snack pot ... 5 points

This evening me and the OH are going to harvester ... and this is my plan ...

Chicken breast with jacket potato... 8 points
Salad from the salad bar - BUT only lettuce, cucumber, tomato that kinda thing. And 1 ladel of Red devil Sauce is 1 point

That means i have had 14 points by about 8pm ... I plan to drink 3-4 SINGLE shot malibu and diet cokes ... so about another 2 points bringing me up to 16 points ... now I KNOW we are having nibbles at home for the actual night time. There is M&S platters and reduced fat dips and mini breadsticks etc ... but I also got myself some fruit.
So my plan is to have some cucumber and carrot sticks with low fat dip ... and then perhaps a few pieces of chicken (indian style).

Tbh because I have done quite well, if I go over then I will make up for it tomorrow! Tomorrow we are only having roast chicken and veg with baby new potatoes - so not TOO many points there.

But I think 6 points is ample amount for snacks and a drink or two when we get home - especially as we would have eaten previously anyway!

Wish me luck but will update FULLY tomorrow :)


Happy new year :)
Thanks Katie! You too :)

So last night was EPIC in relation to food and drink consumption!

Here is my proper all day food diary for yesterday ...

M&S count on us thai red curry snack pot ... 5 points

Chicken breast with jacket potato... 8 points
Salad from the salad bar (just lettuce and cucumber and 2 tomatoes!)
1 ladel of Red devil Sauce is 1 point

4 malibu's and diet cokes ... 2 points

3 pieces of cucumber with a bit of dip ... 1/2 point
a few pieces of indian bits ... 3 points
A small piece of french stick ... 2 points

EQUALS 21.5 points!! WAHOOO! I actually stuck to it! :D Yesssss!

Today then ...

2 poaches eggs on WW bread ... 4 points
Tall Starbucks skimmed pepermint mocha ... 2.5 points
Roast chicken and veg ... 8 points
potatoes ... 5 points
Ladel of gravy .... 1 point

Later on in the day I might have a small bit of snacks again like I did last night. Not drinking today though - sticking to water and diet coke!

Overall a wicked start I think! Really proud of myself!

And I am going to cook all my roast dinner really healthily too for the first time in agesss!

Catch you all later!

Happy new years day! :D


It was delish! I worked out aswell - because I only had chicken breast and a few tiny potatoes the whole meal was only 8 points!

But then I had to go and ruin it with a mini pizza :( After I had eaten it... I worked out the points, and it worked out at 8 points for that tiny thing!! :( :(
I was so disappointed with myself. So ... heres to teach me a lesson .

yesterday I had like 27 points after my snacks too. I am so gutted!!!

Oh well. Time to move on. 5 points over isn't going to completely sabotage my diet. I plan to take 1 or 2 off for the next few days just to counter balance it a little bit at least!

Today my plan is ...

Special K with milk ... 4 points

M&S count on us snack pot (Thai chicken and rice) ... 5 points

Pork loin ... 4 points
veg and a few potatoes ... 5 points

2 satsumas ... 0.5 points
WW toast with nutella ... 1 point
WW yoghurt ... 0.5 points

Equals 20 points in total. Repaying some of the damage from yesterday I guess!!!

Will update if anything changes!

xx <3

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