Claire's 2010 First Diary Ever

Hi Guys, 1st time to ever do a diary so here goes.

Weighed in at 7.30pm - 14.4 1/2

Will weigh myself in the morning to see what i weigh then, not sure if your best to weigh in the morning or night. But a few days ago i was 14,5 and 1/2 so have lost a pound since then and that is weighing myself just now at night, and i last weighed in the morning.

Crunchy Nut 2points

Chicken and Rice 5 points

Chicken Goujons & Chips 10.5 points

3x WW mini Rolls 6 points

Total points of 24.5 points, Allowance of 26 points.

Drank 2 pints of water today only, i really need to try and drink more.

No Fruit or veg.... an area to be improved.

Walked the dogs 30 mins, wasnt sweating because of the snow, got wee bit out of breath trying to keep up with my partner.

Hard work at my practical at college, Felt really hot, out of breath and had no energy at the end of it all, after 3 hours of non stop chasing animals, feeding, etc while trying to carry hay,straw through snow thats up to your knees!!

Lets see how i get on tomorrow, at work tomorrow, and i have a habit of snacking on the Roses,Quality street tins etc that sit in the staff room every time i pass it i pick up 3 or 4 lol.

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I think it's a good idea to keep a diary on here - it makes me think before I eat (usually!). Have you followed W/W before and are you doing it yourself or online/attending class? I am doing it on my own and find this forum a great inspiration and it keeps me motivated.

I usually weigh myself first thing in the morning (not every day) - this is definitely when I am at my lightest. I think you are advised to only weigh yourself once a week but I'm sure somebody else will clarify that for you.

Sounds like you are fairly active with all that animal chasing etc without having to exercise specially!

Good luck with your weight loss.



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Hey Claire!
Just wanted to say Hi! Looks like you've had a great start today (better than me, that's for sure! lol). Yeah I would def weigh myself 1st thing in the morning, I can sometimes weigh 4lbs more at night! lol Anyway Goodluck Hun!!!
Thanks guys,

Weighed myself this morning 8 am -

14 stone 3 pounds and 3/4

1 banana at 8 am 1.5 points
1 banana at 10.30am 1.5 points

Tuna Sandwich 2 points
Apple 1/2 point


Chicken Goujons 8 points
Chips 2.5 points

QUALITY STREETS GRRRR only had 6, i pointed them (after i ate them) lol so that was 6 points, and it wasnt worth the 6 points!!

Total point allowance so far: 22 points

again have had only 2 pints of dilutin orange juice with my supper.

I must improve fluid intake, improved on my fruit 2 day, so thats a step in the right direction.

Just work today, working a delivery, back rather sore today so wasnt racing about much.
Might do 5 minutes on the exercise bike later on tonight.

Lets see what tomorrow brings :)

I went to the classes for a month before, so have eat out and shop book as a guide to what i can eat. I am doing this alone, not online or any meetings
Another day but not so good today.


sheddies with milk 3 points
1 banana at 10am 1.5 points

tuna sandwich 2 points
ww pudding 3 points

Chicken Breast......Unsure of how many points in 1 fresh chicken breast.... anyone help me out?
Rice 3 points

Chocolate Eclair 5 points
Apple 0.5 points

Total p
oints allowance without including chicken breast
18 points

2 pints of dilutin juice

None, just plain old working in a shop 2day.


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hi claire,
i started WW on monday i need to go to a meeting can't do it on my own plus i've got loads to loose, so i think your doing great doing it on your own although you will get lots of support on here. as for the chicken a medium (165g about the size of a computer mouse) skinless raw chicken breast is 2.5 points.

good luck


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Hi Claire
I'm doing my diary online as well, only started today but it was helpful to see it written down what I'd actually eaten.
I know I had 2 quality streets tonight and 2 points! was so not worth it, won't be doing that again! lol
good luck and let me know how you're getting on!
Rubbish day yesterday

Yesterday bad bad day. So think i shall be forgetting about it.

Shreddies with milk
4 rich tea biscuits at 10am

Tuna sandwich
WW pudding

an orange

Bacon Cheeseburger and chips
Belgian waffles and Chocolate Sauce.

Dreading what all that points wouldv been in that meal we went on.

Shall do a bit better today hopefully.

Away on the exercise bike! :)