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Claire's journey :)

Hi everyone,
i'm new to this site so hopefully i will get some great advice!
This is my second day on the Cambridge Sole Source Diet.
Hopefully this diet will give me what i hope to get after all the hard work!!

For anyone who doesnt know what The Cambridge soul source is - i only have 3 shakes or soups a day and drink only water. So my total Calorie intake is 415cals a day :eek: - low i know lol.

So, i'm 2 days in and today was really bloody hard and i gave in when i got back from work and ate a plain mini pitta - not a big deal only 26 cals of something.:break_diet: But still i am so determined, and wasnt hungry so why did i even do it?!?!
Because my job involves walking around all day, talking - my energy levels are really low today. Got a moany headache aswell which is annoying - apparantly its my body ridding toxins.

I would be really grateful if anyone who has been on this diet, or a similar one, could help me through this - only on the sole source for 2 or 3 weeks - but thatslong enough!!!! Also to share you experiences and successes!

I'll keep blogging :)


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Must do it this time
hey claire and a big welcome to minis and cd.
i do ss+which is ss but with a 200 kcal meal a day,which i find helps.you will feel a little crappy for the 1st few days until you go into ketosisyou usually are in this on approx day 3 so you are over half way there!!
this is the best site for support and advice for your diet and everything else in between.try to stay strong hun as this diet is so worth it and works so well,
best of luck to you,
elaine x


Silver Member
Hi Claire - I am on SS plus too. On day 8 now. It helps me stick to it having the small meal each day. Especially if you like to socialise.
Good Luck and stick with it.
Deb X
Hi Claire - Welcome to Minis. I am in Wk2 of SS. One of the great things about CD is that it breaks all your habits. I used to have a piece of bread or toast when I came in from work - now I have a glass of water and then have my shake a bit later on. You need to be really strong in your first few days and consciously stop all those habits that you have. If you feel hungry drink another glass of water. After a couple of days get on the scales and hopefully they will motivate you to keep going - that was what I found helpful. It does get easier after day 3 and there are lots of people here who have done it for much longer and who will give you lots of advice. Also if you are feeling hungry log on here instead - you will get lots of inspiration seeing how much weight others have lost and want to achieve the same for yourself. Good luck!xx


Hi Claire - I'm on SS+ and I find the 200kcal meal as well as 3 CDs (2 shakes and a bar) really help. As said before the first few days are the hardest, then once you see the scales moving, the incentive to continue just grows from there. Good luck.
Hi everyone, and thanks for all the replies! nice to know that i'm not the only person going through it lol.

keep wanting to eat, which is stupid when i'm not even hungry!! just the texture and chewing that i miss i think!! Silly really lol.
day 3 now... doing alright, went shopping today and was so tempted by the coffee shop - but i walked the long way round to avoid the food shops lol.

i started 12 stone 1 and wanna get to around 9stone 4.

with me the whole drink water when ur hungry thing doesnt do anything for me!!! just makes me want to eat!
but black coffee is helping!

this is so hard - and i'm really worried that as soon as i stop this diet - and go into maintenance or whatever then i will gain some more.
it doesnt help having a father who is constantly saying "whats the point, one life claire thats all u have... may as well ienjoy food." lol.
He did the cambridge diet a few years ago, lost lots of weight (he did SS for 3 months !! ) he now has got cancer at the young age of 39 - so he is reminding everyone how short life is.

so that doesnt help.

Well done to everyone who has lost weight - been reading ur signitures, hope i can do the same!!!

How old are you Claire?

My parents have been totally different - my dad is really encouraging, says I look good and is really proud of me going to the gym and egnerally improving my lifestyle.

My mum - :D. She makes me laugh, she tempts me at every corner and tells me how I'll never be that small etc.
She refuses to buy me new clothes until the old ones are hanging off me :D

If you really feel the need to go off plan, have pure protein, or veg - don't have carbs because the whole principle of CD is that it's low carb :eek: a bit like Atkins, but low fat and low calorie.

Good luck x
i'm 18.

im size 14-16 atm and last year i was 10-12 and looked a hell of a lot better than i look now.

i'm mainly doing the SS because i have results day on the 14th August and really wanna get peoples heads turning because i was teased so much for my weight gain, which made it worse!

feel really crappy today - feel like im going to fail. but i really really wanna do this. for me - i deserve to look good.

I weigh mine.
Though when I'm maintaining I intend not to - I just intend to eat until I'm slightly full - nut until I'm stuffed, like I used to!

Claire - I'm 17, I assumed you must be about my age cause of your dad's age (Having said that, my Dad's 55 :p)

I want to turn heads when I go back to school in September :D
I was 14-16 when I started CD, I'm now 12-14 and want to be 8-10, maybe.

You won't fail - you just need something for motivation, like I have some size 10 jeans which I try on once a week, and every week they get closer to fitting me :D
yeah i know - literally last year i was 10-12 more the 12 size though.

but i have big hips and huge boobies (34FF) so i think im never going to be size 8.
i would settle for 10-12 again.

so i still have those clothes - in denial about my size for ages haha... hanging on to them haha.

Blimey - the guys ogle mine and I was a 34DD!
Though cause mine haven't shrunk, and I've lost weight off my back, I've gone to a 32E :eek:

I've been a 14-16 for ages, so I don't have any of my old 10/12 stuff.

Though I've had some size 6/8 stuff donated from my cousin, hahaha.
One of the size 8 tops fits :eek: I was amazed! Haha.
Thanks jennikay - u have been an inspiration to me!

gus57 - thanks! I have this vision that when i am thin, i will be full of confidence and in turn that will make me happier - my dad tells me its rubbish, he was thin and he wasnt happy.
each to their own i think.

its just a hard journey and ive only just started!
jenni how much have u lost so far? and how long has that taken u??

also, one of my biggest fears for after this diet (presumming i will suceed) is will i put all the weight back on due to my contentment??
that is what has happened to everyone i know who has done this or a similar diet - i am determined to make this a life change.

Thanks :)

I've lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks (I've been on CD 7 weeks, but last week I STSed because of moving to 1000 and eating carbs.)

Different things make different people happy, and I know that I am full of confidence after losing that weight, and I will be even happier when I get thinner :D

There's a few who have maintained their weight - KD being one example, she has maintained for 3 years now :)
With enough willpower and the right mindset, it is entirely possible to maintain your weight.

Good luck x
Well done you!! I bet you are REALLY proud of yourself!!

I can't help but to weight myself everyday haha...
WI today - 3 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!! so thats a pound a day so far haha.

i have been smiling all morning - if it carries on coming off the way it has already - ill hit my target way before schedule!!

a pound a day thats 7 a week - a stone every 2 weeks so thats 6 weeks and i'm there lol. doubtful hey??

i think im going to continue on SS until i get to 10 and half stone then add a chicken and bit of veg or salad as my dinner.
This might take longer than i thought lol.

Normally you lose alot more in the first week :)
I lost 7lbs in my first week, and it's pretty much averaged 3lbs every week after that.

I normally weigh myself every day, but I've been forgetting to recently, heh.
And I didn't weigh myself today so it'll be a surprise at my weigh in tomorrow :)

Bear in mind that when your BMI gets to 25 you HAVE to be on 810, so it's a good idea to move up to SS+ (SS with a small meal) when your BMI is 26-27 ish.

I thought I'd hit 9 stone by the end of August, but that doesn't look likely now, haha.
But I'm going to keep gonig because I really want to get there! :)

woop woop.

ok.. so its day 4 - ok today i cheated a winncccyy bit - a had a tinnnny piece of chicken breast. i was absolutly STARVING and it was there so i had a little bit felt really guilty and drank loads of water and didnt have anymore.

Thats behind me though - i am liking this diet, but it is hard when you have a big family who love eating LOVELY food. so yes i am finding it difficult, but not unbareable yet.

I woke up this morning and my tummy felt less bloated so this is a good sign... looked and felt much flatter than it usually does!

Just cant wait to see the skinny me :D



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