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Absolutely loads of things. I went in with a 'Im telling you nothing' attitude. I was half expecting the whole I have a woman/man here I see the letter F G H J K etc

I went in and before I sat down she said was my dad on the sprit side I said yes and she said whos John - my dads John. She mentioned a family occasion this year involving a little girl and a white dress, possibly a bridesmaid then said no a communion and she had the name Emma. My niece Emma is having her first communion this year

She described my dad being in hospital. Knew I had a work connection with blue lights and a lot of talking and gestured at the side of her face in a diagonal line. I work as a police despatcher and wear a headset where she indicated.

She mentioned about me moving house (I had no plans at all to - but did 6 weeks later)

She could describe my mums living room and a wee thing my mum does when shes on the phone.

She described a day out I had with my neices, mentioning horses and flying (I took them to see the police horses and helicopter)

Oh she even knew how much weight Id lost and said how proud my dad was of me

There was LOADS. She gave me loads of family names, could tell me my uncle had no legs lol I was a bit sceptical when I went in but the things she told me were so totally specific, there was no generalisation whatsoever - it was absolutely amazing


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It absolutely facinates me! I'm pretty much the same when I go and see one, I don't like to give too much away as I've seen some rotten ones in my time who did exactly what you described, who's A, no B and eventually by the fifth letter you want to say a name to get them to move on!

But on the other hand when you do come across a really good one, for myself anyway it feels really lifting when they give you the positive things to come.

I used to have a really good one that I used to speak to over the phone who was always spot on. I remember when a friend set up the telephone Reading for me I was thinking ok so what crock am I going to get told now! I really thought how could he tell me much over the phone, but my god he was amazing! He even described my habits (i have a thing about playing with my split ends) which he described down to a T, he was even giggling describing me doing it.

Unfortunately he stopped doing it and I've not found one as good since x


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Hi ya

There are many "clairvoyants" who will cold read you and you will waste (a lot) of money on their "service". They will cleverly fish for information during small talk, just to present it back to you. Cold reading is actually an art many of them exercise to perfection, as the client usually does not realise he/she is giving the information away.
My tip would be that you go to or contact your local spiritualist church. They work with approved mediums who will not charge you over the odds (if at all). Normally there will be free/very reasonable events at the churches, too.
Jill x
I go to a man called Michael Anthony , he is a healer and psychic and is amazing, i went to see him at a time when i was really having a hard time, and i had several healing sessions and readings and he has helped me change my life around.
Made a believer out of me:cool:
Ive never seen a clairvoyant due to religious beliefs. I'd rather wait and see what happens in the future rather than to be told by some person. :)
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JemmaBe said:
My opinion...
These people aren't applying a skill, they're either lying or mentally ill.
It's not everyones cup of tea, but there's no need to be so personal about it. An "I don't believe in it" would be have been a better choice, but your comments are quite hateful and very generalistic.
I've had a few clairvoyant readings over the years, and most of the time they come out with some really valid statements and points.

I do angel card readings for my personal use and friends. I find,these a really nice pass time.

The one thing I do believe is that there are certain goals/points in your life you are meant to achieve. These are determined but its your own choices how you get there.(hope that makes sense)


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I completely believe that there are people who have this ability, but I believe there are a lot of charlatans out there who give the rest of them a bad name.

I've only ever had a reading once, and there were a couple of things she came off with that were very specific and accurate, but 80% of the stuff she said was very generic, and in fact, one of the things she said I couldn't help but openly disagree with, only to have her completely make an about-turn and start doubling back on herself.

I've got a completely open mind about it, however, and would definitely have a reading again, there's a woman in Belfast I've been hearing a lot about and apparently her readings are absolutely fantastic.
I wouldn't go because of my religious beliefs, the bible is quite clear on it.

However my sister goes to see a woman and finds it therapeutic and accurate.
I have been in the past, to several - but one of them knew me quite well already. I've also dabbled in Tarot myself, and was remarkably accurate, to the point where I scared myself out of doing it!

I used to "see" people when I was younger too, I am sure the sceptics will tell me that its hallucinations, but I did.

I dont see any reason to not take this sort of thing seriously - there are lots of things that happen which can not really be based in scientific fact, there is much we cannot see with our eyes, but that exists and is of use to us.

I often feel like I have a kind of sixth sense about things and tend to be very emotionally led with strong gut instincts about things, but I am also a serious self-doubter, and always ALWAYS question myself when I feel something and am prone to overthinking.

I have no religious beliefs, I do not believe in a "god" of any kind but I do think that there is more to humanity than just mere flesh and bone and existence while "alive", we leave physical footprints, why is it so hard to think we might leave emotional or spiritual ones?
I used to go to a Spiritualist Church once a fortnight with a girlfriend.

The church used to invite some excellent and well known mediums. I was always impressed with the things they picked up on from the congregation but the most important and valuable part of each service for me was the healing I received from our resident medium at the end of each service as I was in the middle of my course of chemotherapy at the time. For me this was as valuable as the medical treatment I was receiving and I believe totally in what it did for me. It made me feel well, cared for and of great value to Pauline,the wonderful medium/healer who treated me. I always left there feeling regenerated.

For me it is not important who believes and who doesn't. What is important is to have respect for each other and our individual beliefs. I would never judge or critisise someone for not believing in what I believe in.
Me and hubby go to spiritualist church every Sunday evening x everyone has their own beliefs and religions but what's good about spiritualism is it doesn't matter who you are , what you've done or what you believe you'll always be welcome it doesn't close it door on anyone for a life path they've chosen which I personally think is brill x the Sunday divine service is definatley one to try out the philosophy is a part I really enjoy : I'll give u an example their was a visiting medium who explained how he'd had a son when he was 17 , and this lad is now 21 years old , he doesnt call him dad , instead he calls someone else dad , this didn't bother him because through spiritualism he's learnt to believe that he's blessed and such a lucky man ...why ?? Because the lads mum got with another man when he was 18 mths old and is still with him now , so that child has only ever known one man come through the door , that man has picked his child up when he's fallen and wiped away his tears , tucked him into bed on a night when he couldn't be there to do it and helped the child believe in Santa and the tooth fairy , said he could be bitter and angry but what's the point he appreciates everything this man has done and feels he has earnt the right to be called dad xx
Spiritualism helps you become a better person in my eyes , more understanding

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