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Class or no class???


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I did the plan on my own for 2.5 years Hun as I couldnt afford to go. I did miss the classes though and as soon as I was able to go I went back.
I have made lots of friends that are there when Im having a bad time, but then again MM did that for me too.
You have to be more restrained if you go it alone, as there will be no "threat" of an impending scale weigh if you dont go to class, so you may be tempted to skip a few if you have had a "naughty" weekend or few days etc.

I have tried both and find that if i dont have the WI weekly with someone else I tend to fall off the wagon big style .. i kinda need the pressure


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For me class is VERY important.
I have reached target before and thought I could do it alone... wrong answer.. the weight all came back. I thought I could do it alone and I now know I can't.
I need to go to keep in check, and will do so forever!
With regards to finding groups inspirational, I think it hugely depends on your expectations.
The first group I ever went to was absolutely fantastic. The consultant made everything fun and was such an inspiration to us all. That's when I first reached target. I moved soon after, and could not find a group that I found as inspirational after that so stopped going. The weight piled on and I made a few half hearted attempts after that.
This time I made the decision to do it in class, no matter what. Our C is lovely, and just perhaps just a shade below my first C, but I had decided to do it for ME.... and to make every personal effort I could, and it's worked!
I think you need to decide exactly what you want from a group, and work from there. I don't think any group is perfect, and none has the magic wand to wish away the pounds but I think most give inspiration to the majority. You also need to be in the right mind frame. IMO if a group can't work for you, doing it alone certainly won't as it's so much harder.
Good luck in whatever you decide.
To give another point of view as most above all go to class - I am going it alone after going to class just short of a year. Most of the time i didn't stay past weigh in anyway as if I am honest I just found them boring. I weigh myself each Monday morning and write it in my Slimming World book as normal and am doing well by myself - I like feeling free and not worrying that if I sts or gain that I have to deal with other peoples opinions. I lost 3lb this week and feel really positive going it alone with the support of one of my friends who does the plan and is a target and online websites such as this.

It can be done :)

it is possible to go it alone, but sadly not for me. My old SW book is a testament to that, join, get to target, decide to get weighed once a month, have a bad week so don't get weighed, have another, and another, 6/12 months later join again even heavier than first time round. A vicious circle!

this time I have continued to go to class and have stayed at target for over 12 months (just one blip when I broke my aram and couldn't get to class for 3 weeks and put 6 lbs on!).

I know I should have the will power to do it my self, but I don't. It's only the discipline of going to class every week and seeing the number on the scales that keeps me in my target range (even then it's tough and I've had to resort to completing an SAS log this week to stop me spilling over 3lbs over)

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