Clearout !!!


Lovin it !!! :)
Hi guys
just gone through my wardrobe as I am starting a new job next week :) and wanted to sort through the tons of stuff I have never got round to wearing. Anyway, had several new items that I previously couldn't get into, but was with the thoughts that by the time I started new job, they would fit me and be smart new gear for new start :D etc etc
But...................... half of them are too big, the ones that fit dont actually suit me now and I feel totally miserable ! lol
Are we humans mad or what ??? I should be elated that I can get rid of all these things that are too big etc, but I feel down right miserable ! :confused: I am going to put them all on ebay as some still have labels attached, but I feel I am inbetween everything at the moment. Some stuff I have is ok but won't be in a few weeks - other stuff I have is still too small and the rest I dont like !!! God what am I like - does anyone else feel like this or am I just totally insane ???:rolleyes: I have always been abit of a shopaholic and I do get bored with things very easily (this is a problem I have throughout my life, but thats another thread), I am the kind of person that welcomes change and can't bear things being the same over and over. But today................. I am officially grumpy.:eek:
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Have a serene day!!
Hiya Bev.,

Don't be grumpy, you have every reason to be happy you have a fantastic weight loss In fact it is bluddy marvelous.

I have had to get rid of a load of clothes as well, and I am refusing to buy anything new, apart from some items from seconds shops or sale rails. I will soon be out searching again coz I only have a few items left in the wardrobe but I will buy some 16/18s as I am now in 18/20s.

But I tell you walking up the street in smaller clothes, even if no one else knows you have lost weight, you do and it feels reaaaaaal cooooooooooool!



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LOL I had a paddy about this this morning LOL

I have 1 pair of jeans that fit nicely,a few pairs that i have packed away as far too big and just bought some size 16's that won't do up (my 18's are on the loose side) So today I am wearing my brown combats which I have had for 2yrs that have never fit me,they are sat on my hips BUT have a dodgy press stud keeping them up which keeps coming undone! A white top which fits OK but doesn't match and feel a right mess LOL...shouldn't care really as not going anywere as I have ds off school today!

Anyway after that worble from me,go to Primark or teh charity shop and treat yourself to a few cheapy bits to last you

Sonya x