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Attack Climbing back on the Dukan wagon


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Hello all!
Well I said I would be back and here I am. After dramatically falling off the wagon following my mums health scare, I'm back and feeling determined.
First day of attack today and it's gone ok I think. No headache yet though whichbi had by this time last time round but not really feeling hungry and struggled to eat dinner.
I've had:

Omelette, fat free yoghurt, oatbran

Mackerel, tuna

Chicken and a couple of little tuna quiche-like things (made with eggs, cottage cheese, tuna)

Lots if water, cup of tea, 2 coffees

I'm hoping to lose well again as I'm in crown court next Wednesday and Thursday and I MUST fit in my very, very tight dress uniform (I'm a police officer by the way :) At the moment I can just about fasten the tunic but I can't fasten the button in the trousers and the zip unfastens itself. Eeeek!!!

I have just got back from holiday so felt I couldn't restart before now. Fingers crossed it works out. Determined to see it through this time

Hope you're all ok x
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Good to see you back Bibaloo... aren't you tall?! Do you not eat meat?


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Hello again!!

Hehe I'm quite tall I suppose :)

Yes I eat meat. I had chicken for dinner last night. Hubby doesn't eat meat but he does eat fish so I guess i'll be eating a fair bit of fish cause it's always in.


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Today's plan is:


Oatbran with sweetener and far free natural yoghurt

King prawns and mackerel

Chicken and the rest of my tuna quiches

Water and tea

Feel hungry today. Ketosis is definitely taking longer to kick in this time round. Still no headache either


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Well I'm getting a but bothered now. Still no ketosis side effects and just got on the scales and no loss yet :( Am I doing something wrong or is it simply not as effective second time round. Hope something kicks in soon. I want to feel enthused not demoralised.

Anyhoo, day three of attack is:


Mackerel, tuna, cottage cheese
Fat free natural yoghurt

Chicken, tuna quiches, beef slices


** Chief WITCH **
How many eggs are you eating per day? Try to vary a little... tins of tuna/mackeral etc pretty salty. Try something else? What are you drinking? What's your BMI? (haven't I just asked you the same q's somewhere else on the site?)


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Slight change to the above. Had prawn omelette for lunch and chicken, beef and tuna quiche for tea.

I'm having probably 2-3 eggs a day. The quiche uses 3 but lasts three days.

I'm having a bit of everything I thought. I remember you saying before that you can't understand joe people just eat one thing for a meal so I'm trying to have a variety.

I'm having at least 2 litres of water a day, 1-2 cups of tea, and I've also had 500ml of coke zero today


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I'm feeling more positive today. The scales still haven't budged :( BUT I tried on the trousers I simply have to wear next week and, they look awful, but the fasten..... Just.... So that's better than last week! I just have to learn how to get through two days wearing them without breathing now :)
today's plan is:

Breakfast - nothing as I had nothing suitable in but went shopping and had three chicken drumsticks at 10:30

Lunch - yoghurt, possibly some seafood mix if I'm hungry but still ok from the late brekkie at the mo

Dinner - homemade beefburger (extra lean mince) filled out with my oatbran


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The scales are moving. Whohoo!!! My scales are a bit dodgy so I can't tell exactly but it looks like I've lost a couple. Definitely feel slimmer. Today I've had:

Galette (really enjoy these now)

Prawn and tuna omelette

Steak and eggs (yum)


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Looks like I've lost a bit more this morning - about 4lb in total now.
Might stall a bit now as I've started cruise now and have had a PV day. I enjoyed it but didn't really feel desperate for it.
I've had:


Chicken salad with hard boiled eggs

Chicken and prawn kebabs made with onion, courgette and peppers served with green leaves

Hope it's not stalled me and hoping it'll prompt some 'transit'!!!

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