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Clothes buying....


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I am loving buying clothes at the moment but as I've quite a way to go yet I really shouldn't be buying as many! Its so nice to be able to buy cheaper things and of course smaller sizes but obviously the cost still mounts up!
I'm finding because me and my shape are changing different things are suiting me too so its fun experimenting with different styles. Also I'm sure that I am a smaller size than I was previously at the same weight and I will wear things that I probably wouldn't at this weight/size before....like heels etc
I was wondering if anyone else felt the same or what you found best to do to fight the urge?
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Last time, (too early this time round sadly) I loved it when I could 'fit' Primark (18 is their biggest), and had a lovely time with cheapy summer tops and skirts. Not too expensive, and motivating. I think if you don't go and treat yourself to some new things, you don't reap the rewards of yout changing shape.

This time, I have an 'extensive' wardrobe ranging from a 22 to a 12 :eek: so I am seriously looking forward to getting back into things and ditching the bigger sizes. I have vowed to not buy 'new' until I'm at least half way there (but don't quote me :D)! xx
I have 16lbs in total to lose, so not much. But I've recently noticed the suits
I've been wearing suits for work are too big. I put off buying them as they are too expensive, so this weekend I went on ebay & bought 5 suits for £27 such a bargin.

You could try there for your clothes, one suit was only 49p +p&p:eek:


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Have fun is what I say! :D

definatly try ebay, they can do some good bundles!;)

49P for a suit!:eek: Amazing value! I'll take three! haha :D

Margery Dawe

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I have a wardrobe with clothes that will get me through to size 16 but I know that once I get a stone off I will be itching to go buying clothes!! I tend to go to Matalan as they are nice clothes at good prices, Asda are good as well. I find Primark clothes fit well if you are a smaller size, not so good for size 18.


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As a bloke - i resisted buying new clothes for the first 4 or 5 months (in part because i couldn't actually see the difference in me). but have found it a bore to continually keep changing sizes - thankfully i hope that has now levelled out and i can start to slowly build my new wardrobe from here.

Still get lost in the menwear department after so long of not being able to shop on the highstreet though. :)
I am slightly addicted to clothes shopping at the moment and am loving the fashionable clothes that now fit and suit my size 14 figure.
In the last 2 weeks I have bought 3 dresses ,a new cardi ,and 3 necklaces-oops!!


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I find looking round charity shops is a g8 idea - i picked up 2 lots of trousers last week for £2 each which is hardly ought if you're gonna be shrinking hehe. I need to clear out my wardrobe as I got a few clothes too big - mite even earn sum cash and sell em on ebay hehe.


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I have always been a Primark and charity shop fan, and used to go through the charity shops every Saturday to look for bargains.
I stopped doing that, and vowed not to buy more until I was near my target.
I have not been to Primark since but now shop a lot in the charity shops. I pass one when I go to the shops and go in almost every day!
The bargains are unreal. The most I paid for anything is a suit for £7... never worn, M & S! Most are trousers, skirts, jeans and tops for about £2 each.
The problem I have now is all the charity shops stock larger sizes, including my donations. There is not much in the size 8-10 range, but when there is I grab them.
I have not bought clothes for ages on e-bay as I like to try them on but for 49p for a suit, I guess if it didn't fit the charity shop could benefit again!


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49p wat a bargain hehe - just bought a dora the explorer kagoul for my daughter for 99p off ebay lol i usually visit my local charity shop every tuesday or friday
Just bought an Ulla Popken top on eBay for less than a fiver, including postage and a £1 donation to charity (the actual price of the top was £1.22).


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nice one hehe x
It is a good idea to check out various charity shops as they are often quite different in the type of things they stock. Some of them near where I live are like glorified jumble sales, others are more like smart boutiques.

And in smarter areas you get smarter clothes - which sounds obvious, but not everyone realises this. (I went to the Oxfam shop in Stratford-upon-Avon recently - they had some fantastic clothes there.) I live between Reading and Henley, so I get a huge variety by visiting shops in both towns.

Our local Sue Ryder Home, near Nettlebed, does a big charity sale every three weeks. Hundreds of people come from miles around on a Saturday morning, for fantastic bargains. Worth checking your local paper to see if there is anything like this near you. Some car boot sales have clothes as well.

It is worth chatting up the people who run the charity shops - they may be able to tell you which would be the best days to go in to get clothes in your size.

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