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Clothes - changing your style


Pea on legs!
Hi all,

For lots of us I suspect, one of the pleasures of losing weight is being able to buy new clothes - ones we like and not from plus ranges!!

I'm just on the cusp at the moment, about a 22 on top and an 18-20 on the bottom. I've yo-yo'd for years with my weight and have a wardrobe full of clothes from 16-26!

I have a style - most of my clothes are black, lots of v-necks and long, gathered skirts. Other colours are brown, khaki or burgundy in the main. Where I have patterns, they are slightly 'hippyish' - ie paisley, or flowers or leaves etc. I also have a number of trouser suits for work - which I hate!

Here are my questions (finally!):

For those of you who have lost a lot of weight - ie gone from plus sizes to normal ranges - has your style changed? What have you bought that you wouldn't normally have worn? How easy has it been to find clothes that you like and feel comfortable in? Is it hard to break the 'black and plain' habit?!

I'm asking for vouchers for christmas off my family, so that I can treat myself in the new year sales! I'm setting up my own business in January and will be working from a design agency, so I will be able to wear whatever I like to work (can't wait - no more horrid trouser suits!!!!) and I'm wondering whether/how to change my style...

Any thoughts, experiences, or tips for a new look gratefully received!


Spanx xxx
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yes its hard i kept going back to the same style only in smaller sizes but now i have changed as long as u like it and feel comfortable then thats all that matters take someone u trust shopping for second opin
Have you thought about going for a personal shopping trip? You can sign up for free with various department stores, my friend recently went to House of Fraser and another one went to Debenhams. There was no obligation to buy anything (though she did!) and she said that the woman there was very good at picking stuff that suited her, which she wouldn't have chosen herself. You could go to the store you're getting the vouchers for? Or a store you think you'd never buy anything just to try it out? Xx
I love fashion... even considered studying it last year but since l have a degree already and an autistic boy l could not commit to it. I still have a lot of weight to lose but my fashion sense has always been on point. I follow fashion religiously have always done so and am 30 now, yes all 22 stone of me (now 20 yey). Colour is important in a wardrobe as well as knowing what suits your shape and height. I am 5" 10. I always buy 33" jeans and trousers or maxi dresses and skirts that are long enough for me. I can not wait to be slimmer and take my fashion love further. Most of my mates ask me for fashion advice lol even my niece who is 20 and size 8.

Check out fashion blogs, websites etc so that you get a sense of what may be ideal to you. My family say my lil girl who is a year is a mini me but ahh well l dont want her to be arrested by the fashion police on my watch lol. Good luck on your new job HTH
I have always loved retro clothing like dresses from the 1950's and long wiggle pencil skirts etc. I can get them in my (plus) size but I think I would look ridiculous :( I cannot wait until the day I am slim enough to wear them and hopefully look good in them.

At present I basically wear various pairs of black trousers and non fitted tops. I feel ashamed of myself :cry:


Pea on legs!
Thanks all!

The personal shopper would be a brilliant idea if it wasn't for the fact that I'd still feel really embarrassed about my size! Ditto taking a friend - the other week I was with a friend in Bravissimo (she's enviably slim with big boobs, lucky so and so!) and she nearly fainted when I asked for a 38H!!!

I had to go to a wedding a few weeks ago and didn't have the faintest idea what to wear. I ended up getting something from Per Una in M&S and I have to say the shop assistants were extremely helpful, so perhaps I should just take the plunge and book a personal shopping appointment after christmas!

At the moment, I have either work clothes or weekend scruffs and nothing inbetween. I need to find something that is casual enough to be comfortable in, but smart enough to wear in a casual workplace (if that makes sense!!!)

I've been looking around, but haven't seen anything that takes my fancy. Perhaps I'm just not a winter clothes person!

When I started SW this time round in June, I went on a girly weekend with some friends. We went shopping (of course!) and they both bought something from Zara - I remember promising myself that at the same time in 2011, I would be able to go into Zara and buy something too!

Instead I had to make do with shoes and handbags (which wasn't a hardship, I can assure you!)
I have gone down four sizes and yes my style has changed completely.

Even as an old granny my style is now more "trendy" and "today" and I love it !!!

I once had a personal shopper in Marks when I was over on a visit and it was a great experience. She had such a good eye and had me in a superb outfit in less than half an hour, she just knew what to put together for me. I explained what the occasion was ( I was judging at The Royal Welsh and dress code is strict ). I would not have tried on the things she selected for me. I felt a million dollars in "her" outfit.


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Im wearing tighter fitting clothes, mainly because thats what they offer. I have leggings which i live in and wouldnt have even contemplated before. I still wear a lot of brown but i have bright colour tops now and tight jeans. Next year i hope to be a bit more daring :giggle:
I've gone from a size 18-20 to a 12 and on the way borrowed and grabbed hand me downs from friends. I had a good friend do the SW journey with me, who whilst the same height started 1.5 stones lighter - so as she shrank out of her wardrobe I shrank into it!

Not wanting to spend money on stuff I wasn't going to be in for long was perfect - I ended up wearing/trying on all kinds of colours/shapes/styles that I would never of contemplated just because they were doing the job - and then realising that actually they worked!

Really opened my eyes to what I can wear and my wardrobe is much more diverse now. Would still love a personal shopper though :)
Check out fashion blogs, websites etc so that you get a sense of what may be ideal to you.

What blogs and websites do you use as I'd love to know some good ones.

I love fashion too, but I have always considered myself to big to really follow the fashion. Some fashions just really do not convert to plus sizes.

I went into Mango the other day with a friend. I have never been in there before as I know that nothing would fit me so what's the point!! Well, I LOVED it in there. Gorgeous stuff at good prices. I could have bought everything in there. The had lovely dresses I would wear with thick tights and boots, great trousers, the knitwear was fantastic.

I came out of that shop and thought 'right, that's it, I'm getting slim so I can fit in those clothes'. Can't wait. I have warned hubby I will be needing a complete new wardrobe
Since June I've gone from a size 20 to almost a size 14 (I have just a couple of 14's but should be a comfy 14 soon). I've always worn trousers and jeans, now I'm actually wearing skirts, and rather short ones too with thick tights and boots. I get lots of comments about my legs too which is v encouraging for my last 7lb to target!
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I'm trying to reinvent myself, and be a bit more feminine!
Trying to stop wearing trainers, buying a pair of boots instead which most women seem to wear, tighter jeans not the bootcut ones, but it is difficult when it is still freezing outside!!


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When I lost weight 18 months ago, I got down to a comfy 16, and started off with sexy bras. It was summer and I went round with a smile on my face as I knew what was under my t-shirts. :)Then I got monsoon stuff off ebay, and per una. All for very little. Then I was ill and put most of it back on again, but I'm back on my way down again now,but I'll stick to v necks because they suit me, tho a have a skort ready for next summer!


Pea on legs!
Ooh yes, I like the look of Mango clothes - but never dare go in there!

That reminds me of an experience I've had a couple of times when I've gone into 'thin' shops to look at shoes or handbags - some snotty-nosed stick insect looking aghast at you as if to say 'Aaagh, a fatty, in my shop, get her out!!!'

I thought I was being brave the other week when I finally go a long tunic/dress and a pair of jeggings! Think I have some way to go before trying short skirts!
I have always loved retro clothing like dresses from the 1950's and long wiggle pencil skirts etc. I can get them in my (plus) size but I think I would look ridiculous :( I cannot wait until the day I am slim enough to wear them and hopefully look good in them.

At present I basically wear various pairs of black trousers and non fitted tops. I feel ashamed of myself :cry:
My goodness - honesly, you really can dress vintage as a more curvey lady you know. Must admit, I still keep away from pencil skirts and pick the more skimming ones, but I think it's more flattering than some of the less forgiving modern fashions.

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