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Clothes panic!


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5 weeks ago on my 1st day on LT I sorted my wardrobe out and only put in it clothes that could be done up without stopping me breathing and that had no massive bulges showing.
I put the rest on a cheap clothes rail..I sorted the rail out today and found that pretty much all of those now fit and some are too loose even though they were not fitting back then.
I sorted the things that I no longer want into piles some to be given away, some thrown and some to be updated a bit like Twiggys frock exchange.
But then I panicked...I thought goddd I can't throw/give these away what will I do if I put the weightback on.....you see this is the first time I have managed to lose more than 1 and 1/2 stone and have usually put it back on plus a little more.
Now logically I know my head is in a different place but that little inner talk gremlin is planting self doubt again..not about failing on this diet as I am determined but about my future. I have not been a decent size for over 20 years.
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I know how you feel, Iv never been this size, ever! Iv been this weight but when i was younger and shorter, so I was squater.
I stupidly bought a couple of pairs of jeans before i started this and now they dont fit at all. I have a house mate who normally gets the same size jeans as me except I get longer length and she gets shorter. We're gonna see if theres any of my jeans she wants and I'll take them up for her, but I'm really worried I'll just have to ask for them back soon after i finish LT :(

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Why don't you do what I did. Like you, I was too scared to let all the 'fat' clothes go, so I kept one pair of jeans, one skirt and a couple of tops. I put them right at the back of the wardrobe as an insurance. Eventually, you will find them again when you are sorting through your very stylish collection and think.. Good God, look at these, they have got to go! By then, you will be ready to wave them goodbye!
I am loving Ebay at the moment I am on it all the time!

I have got rid of so much of my old stuff and with the money I make I buy new.
S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I am loving Ebay at the moment I am on it all the time!

I have got rid of so much of my old stuff and with the money I make I buy new.

thats the way to do it.

I have no qualms gettin rid of big clothes cus at this size I dont but much that I really like anyway. Anything I do really really like I keep to get taken in or have even bought tops in a smaller size for WHEN I lose the weight. God I have some class clothes that I've bought whilst on diet mode and haven't even wore -this time I will and I cant bloody wait!! I'm gonna be a whole new confident me and my old clothes just wont be a part of it!
I have so many clothes that I have bought that dont quite fit me yet.
I see it as an incentive to kep going so I can fit in them!


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On my birthday on November 29th I am going through my wardrobe, selling off/donating to charity all the clothes that don't fit (size 8 to 16!!) and buying a new wardrobe in whatever size fits me that day. No more dieting, no more targets, just me on that day, committing to accept myself as I am and stay that way......
S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
I have been a bit nervous of getting rid of all my old stuff but took the bull by the horns and sorted a huge pile out! Some to go the the charity shop and I put a load on eBay as well! Been very busy today!

I had to pop into town with my daughter today so she could take her CV into some shops and realised my outfit (except the underwear, socks and trainers (all bought in the sale) was entirely eBay/charity shop! I didn't care coz the jeans were size 14 Per Una's!!! Yay!!!!


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