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Clothes sizes?


Angelic Fruitcake
here is how inches translate to sizes hun

48in=S20 46in=S18 44in=S16 42in=S14 40in=S12 38in=S10 36in=S8

In Jeans the inches represent hip width usually and I'm pretty sure spainish sizes are the same as english as it is based on european size chart. And I bought a top in europe a few years ago whitch was a 40in and was exactly a size 12. Hope that helps xxxx


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It certanly does ty. So these jeans are in fact size 8 my damm mother. I can't believe that she used to tell me and I was convinced I was fat. I bought those jeans when I was 18 in spain and was still wearing them when I fell prgnant with my eldest daughter at 21 so would dearly love to get back into them. I just wished sometimes I had not listened to my mother. I was really convienced I was fat because all through my teenager years she told me I was. I will not see her now (she lives in Portugal) till I have lost the weight and she does not know that I am on a diet because everytime I have said I was goiing to go on one etc she just laughted, see what she will have to say for her self when I go there wearing the same jeans she used to call me fat in.
By the way she as always been a size 20+ since she had us kids


Angelic Fruitcake
LoL wow a size 8 I've never been that size. I'm sure you will be back into them some day soon. It's incredible how others make people think they are fat when they are actually a perfectly healthy and normal size is it any wonder why so many of us end up with a distorted body image. Its hard to say and I mean no offence to your mom but maby she was jealouse because she is large herself and thats why she told you that you were fat when you were a normal size. Well you'll show em hun strutting around in your 36in jeans xxxx
I just wished sometimes I had not listened to my mother. I was really convienced I was fat because all through my teenager years she told me I was.
I can repeat almost exactly the same story. In grade 10, I was very active. I was involved in my school's swimming team, and I often rode my bicycle several miles (up and down steep hills) to and from school rather than taking the bus.

I weighed all of 118 lbs, and I was 5'2" tall. At that weight, my BMI was 21.6, which was totally healthy.

My mother thought I was 18 pounds overweight and nagged me constantly, telling me I was fat. I believed her, and I've spent my entire life dieting, putting on more weight than I lost, and dieting again.

If I'd never listened to her, I might never have really become fat in the first place!

Purple Hugs

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((Hugs)) at least you are educated now...

Honestly, I had the same problem.. I remember my mum taking me to the dr's to sort out my 'puppy fat' I wasn't even a fat kid when I look at pictures now!! :(


Mad as a Hatter
Some people believe in the cruel to be kind sort of love don't they ?
I'm lucky in that I ws slim right up to being 21, but then it has crept up on me. I lost 3 stone on Slimming World about 10 years ago and was finally the size I was at 18, but then 2 kids later and I'm 4.5 stones heavier than I want to be...
Oh the joys of happy marriage and motherhood !!!

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