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Clothes sizes


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I despair of clothes sizing. I went into some local charity shop after WI looking for some new black work trousers. There was nothing in a size 14 that I could find but did find some nice 'NEXT' denim cropped trousers in a size 12. I thought I'll try them on and maybe they'll fit me towards the end of the summer. THEY FIT!!!!! I was amazed and so chuffed. I then went next door to another charity shop and found some quarter length black trousers which would do for work in the summer in a size 14. Didn't bother trying them on and they're ok, but a little snug on the bum.
I have a pair of River Island trousers that are tight around the waste but huge on bum and legs - they're a size 16. All other 16's are hanging off me.

Why can't the manufacturers just get to together and make the clothes the same sizes. :mad:
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Grrr - i feel your frustration!!

I have a range of clothes in a 10 to 14 in my wardrobe and all of them fit!

Love charity shops though, they are my fave shops for a splurge!!
Urgh...it's daft isn't it! And it's not like it's consistently different - it varies from shop to shop as well. I'm a 12-14 but have 10s and 16s in my wardrobe...from the same place!

And things are cut differently for different shapes - like in DPs, they make their trousers for pear-shaped girls. For apples with narrow hips and big bellies like me, they look daft. In fact, I find it hard to get good fitting trousers anywhere. I am such a weird shape.

This could potentially turn into a mega-rant. I'd better stop now. Is it any wonder I have a handbag fetish? They fit every time! LOL!
Now now...steady on Kristin...nekkid?! Noooobody would want to see me nekkid! LOL!


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For jeans, I'd recommend Gap. Although they do styles that fit in with current fashion, they also do a load of standard styles and most people can find something that suits their body shape (and leg length). They can be a bit pricey, so either find a Gap Outlet, or fork out for them - they last brilliantly!


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Totally agree.
I was buying a top at the weekend, and tried the 'usual' 18....tent like. No 16s, so tried the 14 (unhead of)....and it fitted lovely. Ironic thing was, so did the size 22 blouse I was wearing at the time....!?!?! lo


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I bought 2 white polo tops from BHS for work, same size, one was nice and the other far too snug!( Only now the snug one fits nicely and the other is getting a bit loose! :D)
I tell you motorcycle gear sizes are the worst..... if I was a XL in normal clothing..... a motorcycle jacket could be as amuch as 3 XL possibly 4 XL. Most are made in Asia were little people make them.

Phil x


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i know the feeling, as i've got things in my wardrobe from a 12 to a 14, but there are some 14's that seem to be too tight on me, oh i also have a 16 in a skirt. Its a nightmare, as you feel down if you try something on that is your normal size and it ends up too small!!!!


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Do you have shops you just walk past because they're "thin" shops? (or in my case young as well!)


Trying again!!!
I know what you mean Ninja ~ I have sizes 8 ~ 16 in my wardrobe and they all fit, I am a size 12ish. Primark seem to be the worst offenders! I LOVE having a nosey in charity shops, might do that to-day actually xx
I buy my jeans off ebay. I can only get jeans from next cos i need long ones, they cost thirty to forty quid in the shop and i got some off ebay on monday for three quid including postage!!!!


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NEXT go up to 34" don't they? How long are your legs :confused:


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i have the opposite problem as im short. Next do a petite range, however they obviously think that short people are smaller than a 16 as that is the biggest size they go up to! i did however manage to get my size 16 petite jeans on this morning but i couldnt wear them out as they are a bit tight maybe in a couple of weeks!!


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It would make life so much easier if they made all sizes the same in all the shops...............................but then you dont have the fun of trying things on!!!! :) :) :)

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