Clothes that fit me!


2016 Fitness/Fatness Status Changes
OK. I have a stash of clothes under my bed. Clothes I love but they don't love me!

This morning I got out a selection intending to take off the buttons, zips etc and add them to my fabric stash (I am trying to be all crafty and make bags, bits and bobs - currently reading about it more than doing it).

The first thing I grabbed was a summery dress I used to love. So I squeezed it on for one last look....... and it is a little bit too BIG :eek:

So I tried on a few more.... yep! Some of them are actually horrible, I have no idea whay I ever liked them, some still too small but some are now in my wardrobe, ready for work :D

But now I am wondering! How many inches have I lost? So, a bit late I have measured myself.... I'll try to keep a proper log on my ticker!

So, forget any moaning about a weight stall. Who cares? Not me, I am getting smaller and smaller every day :happy036::bliss:
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Well done you, it must be a lovely feeling!! I have so many clothes I cant wear.....but the time will come!!
That's such a great feeling isn't it? I'm hoping for that soon. Bought new clothes when started new job last Sept. By Xmas I'd put on nearly 2st and they didn't fit! So they will be my guide as well as the scales.
Fab post, your clothes are a much better guide than the dreaded fair weather friend we like to call weighing scales x
I have a wardrobe full of clothes, dresses and jeans that I would love to wear again, hope they are still in fashion when I lose the weight :rolleyes:
I have clothes ranging from a size 16-10 in my stash I'm currently a 16-14 but 14s are becoming more and more comfortable I'm aiming to be a 12! I think your all so right, it's so easy to get hung up on the scales but it's what we actually look that matter not what the scales say!
Ah but I have an amount of boobage that means any weight loss less than, let's say, 4 stones, probably won't show!

I have nightmares that as my waist and face get smaller my boobs will look even bigger. Enough to float me away:553: