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clothes too big

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I know i should be pleased by the fact everything in my wardrobe hangs off me now and the only things im managing to get to stay up im having to wear belts tight. but the trouble is im on maternity leave at the min so i get no pay and im having to put my lipotrim on the credit card until i go back to work in june (which is a worry in itself without putting clothes on it aswell)! im just worrying i will have nothing i can physically wear in a few weeks and am unsure what im going to be able to do about it!!! arghh
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That's fantastic but annoying at the same time if you can't get anything new! Maybe take a few things in so they fit better for now and then once you're back at work you can get some great new clothes!
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maybe you could find someone to take the clothes in for you or go on ebay to pick up a few items as in a few weeks time those clothes you buy wont fit you either so dont spend loads on them and clothes you no longer need sell them on ebay to make abit of cash to pay off ya credit card xxx


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Becca I've been bagging myself some bargains off ebay just to tide me over until I've finished losing weight. It's just too expensive to keep buying new stuff all the time.


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Have a hunt on bargain websites - ebay is great :)
Primark is very cheap too.

Hey - dont get down about it its GREAT that nothing fits you anymore and is now too big :D
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My size 16 trousers are looking SO baggy, but I'm NOT buying anything yet...dusting off my sewing machine to make some adjustments if necessary....


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Hi Hun
Im in the same boat, only work part time as single mummy to 2 toddlers lol I am not buying anything new till I hit target so im selling stuff on ebay as I grow out of it and using the money to buy smaller bits on there grabbing at the bargains, I probably look a right mess at the mo but it will be worth it in the end lol x


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Buying off ebay or charity shops kept me clothed for cheap, when I dropped from size 26 to now 12
S: 12st4lb C: 9st13.5lb G: 9st5lb BMI: 23.9 Loss: 2st4.5lb(18.9%)
Thanks for all the ideas everyone, think il try taking some of them in for the moment and see how it goes, dont really want to buy anything as a.cant afford too and b.il hopefully be too big for them too soon so waste of money i havent got.
better get my sewing machine out or maybe il pay my mum a visit lol xx


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I'm the same. I have a huge pile of clothes at the bottom of my bed. It's all lovely stuff and I'm loathe to get rid of it but it's huge on me now !

I have invested in some cardis though that will fit me even if I lose more weight. Other than that - I've bought some white t shirts and that will have to do until my weight stabilises.

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