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a new way of living!
hello all,
Well earlier i had yet another mass clear out of my wardrobe!

It was really weird as i had mixed emotions. This is the slimmest i've been for about 5 years and some of my clothes i got quite attached to! Packing them up was weird. The 'this always fits, looks good, feels comfy' collection. Some i was glad to see the back of as they remind me about being fat, others were expensive or favorite buys.

So now i have a massive pile of clothes waiting to go to charity! And a half empty wardrobe. :)

I have to find some other clothes to get attached to! I did see a skirt i fell for but scared to buy it as i dont know what size i'll end up at!
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good on you with the clear out Ive done that myself recently it felt great hold out on that skirt you dont want it falling off you in two or three weeks something nicer will show up when you have reached your goal
I get ya!! I have let me see.... 4 wardrobes FULL of clothes that no longer fit me!! I have to clear them out soon. I have given some to my pregnant sister ..lol yes I did look pregnant too. But to be honest most of them are gorgeous and cost a lot of money as we all know when you are a size 20, shopping in Penneys is not an option!! They are all Monsoon, Wallis, Principles, Kaliko etc and I am not just giving them away!! Even to charity!! I am so mean aren't I????!!! I know I should try sell them on ebay but tbh I couldn't be arsed bothering and I don't know how!!! But I need to get sorted pronto as my new size 12 wardrobe is ever growing..lol


a new way of living!
oh thats great!

I know, the cost of some, and some were recently purchased too, tbh, i cant be arsed either so I take the knock and give em away. scared to hold on to them in case i get fat, scared to throw them out in case i get fat!!

I think the only way is to start afresh, and develop a new 'love afair' with new clothes.

I have also admittedly bought a couple of things from charity shops!! I just cant be arsed to waste money any more, not till i reach target will i get 'investment' buys again.

even had to throw out some shoes! I recenly discovered deichman shoes though, that are really low cost and quite well made too, so again, until feet have finished shrinking, i'll be getting them from there!

no more bertie or roberto vianni for me just yet!!

I do have a few clothes that are smaller, 14's and 12's, so going through them at the moment. cant wait to get new slim looking clothes.

its weird but after feeling like the weight was coming off, I have started to feel fat again! i think its trying on the smaller sizes and some not fitting quite right just yet.

and I really want to eat too! I just dont know why, its like i have reached the end of my 'no food' tollerance zone, keep telling myself it will pass, but it lingers on!

ah well, OH just bought me another 2 weeks worth of meals so have to stick to it for at least that long! one wi to the next, and hopefully it will go quickly.
Well done Helen. I know just where you are coming from. I cleared out a load of my fat clothes, sent a load to charity and put some on eBay to sell. It's good fun and keeps me occupied and away from food! Definitely worth it for the entertainment factor!

Helen, make the most of the sales on at the mo to get yourself an interim wardrobe cheaply until you reach your target.



Always welcome new m8's!
Ive cleared a load out that i could still wear but i thought "to hell with wearing that ever again!" as there ugly and flappy and rubbish!

Got a massive pile to give up!:D

Kept hold of my joggers though, there for my totm:mad:

Good on you for clearing it all out! enjoy it!


Licks the lid of life!
I can't wait to have a clothes clearout! I've got some clothes 2 sizes smaller from when I lost weight a few years ago and I cant wait to get into some of them again and then for them to be too big!

Plus, it gives us all a reason to go shopping! Woop Woop!!!
I have cleared out my two wardrobes and a chest of drawers and nothing fits me, quite a lot of it is new so im going to try and sell it on ebay but its finding the motivation to iron it and take its picture then post it i am getting tempted to just drop it all at the charity shop but i could do with making some extra money so its probably not an option. Plus some of it needs a dry clean before i sell it and then i wont make that much profit on it so is it worth the effort! anyhoo i guess i will get round to it at some point and lots of size 26 and 24 women will be getting bargains

speaking of charity shops rather weird moment last saturday. last year I gave the charity shop one of my favourite going out jackets because it wouldnt zip up anymore i was gutted but i needed to make space in the already full wardrobe for the new one that would zip up. Anyway was sat on a bench outside tescos minding my own business when this woman walked past totally uncoordinated wearing trackie bottoms, flip flops a manky stained T shirt and MY JACKET!! i knew it was my jacket because it was a one off i had made by a friend who was studying fashion design at uni I was so gutted it had gone to such an un coordinated un appreciative home lol


Eloquent hooligan
Awww nice swan Helen - clearing out old clothes is SO cathartic :D

Mine went via a mixture of recycling centres, charideeee shops & Ebay (for the designer gear)

I'm determined never to be above a 32" waist again :D
Hi :talk017:

Been reading about clearing out wardrobes, I have done this loads of times since March it is a great boost for me as well as the charity shop, it has made me clear out other cupboards and spring clean. Must be letting go of all the old rubbish and ways of hoarding.
I have bought loads of clothes of ebay, to keep me going.
I f you have designer clothes why not take them to a dress agency who sell them on your behalf and take a percentage.
I was surprised about losing a shoe size, it gets expensive this dieting in one way or another.
But worth every penny



a new way of living!
morning all, thanks for your replies.

i'm going shopping with other half today, to try and get some stuff in the sales, like shoes!!

some stuff in my wardrobe is not going to fit for very long, so i have started making outfits, and set them up so i wear one a day, then i feel better about letting them go as i feel i have used and appreciated them.

nothing worse than spending money and seeing it disapear!

I also put an ad on gumtree.com for a bag of clothes and see if there are any takers, like car booters, has to be better than just giving it away!

got a lush dress that i love, but hangs off me now. may get some of the more expensive but simple designed stuff altered to fit. prob cost as much as the item though!!

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