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  1. Naturalblue

    Naturalblue Just keep swimming

    Does anyone else have a specific item of clothing that they would love to fit back into?

    For me it's a pair of size 12 cropped jeans from Next that I haven't worn for about 5-6 years. I can now get them up my legs but not at zipping up stage yet. I use them as a visual aid to my weight loss and hope to get into them by end of June.

    Keep you all posted.
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  3. Vix09

    Vix09 Full Member

    Hmmm just my entire wardrobe! LOL

    I only have baggy clothes that fit me at the moment which i used to just wear for slobbing around/walking the dog etc so can't wait to be able to wear my decent clothes again :)

    I point blank refuse to buy bigger sizes because they will just get taken to the charity shops in a month or so anyway hopefully.

    Good luck with the jeans NB ;)
  4. justgina

    justgina taking it 1 day at a time

    My holiday clothes from last year (size 12). I can get into them but they are a bit uncomfortable. If I keep on losing as I am I may even be able to get into the size 10 cropped jeans I bought last year as an incentive. Here's hoping.
  5. bexster1974

    bexster1974 Silver Member

    I have a pair of size 10 DNKY jeans I bought in America 4 years ago that I couldnt wear after 2 months because they ended up too big for me. Oh my god writing that down has made me realise the huge amount of weight I have to lose. Best get to it!!

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