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Clothing problems....


Is Irrepressible!! : )

I am having a clothing crisis!

I work in an office where I have to wear smart, officey type clothing and have seriously run out of things to wear!

I have bought a couple of new items whilst being on LT, but now it is getting ridiculous. I tried on a pair of trousers today, which before I started didn't really fit me so I had never worn them (size 16) and now they are way, way too big.

I have bought myself a couple of pairs of size 12 trousers and a few tops, oh, and a skirt but that's all I have. I reckon my Dotty P card may have to take a hit soon but I really don't want to buy any more until I have got down to my target.

Anyone else feeling more than a little bit fidgety on the clothing score and are wanting to buy way before they should?

Gonna have to get rid of some on ebay soon....
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Luckily I've got plenty of clothes that I've just been too fat to get into for ages so it's almost like they're new! lol Hey, if you need a shopping buddy for maxing out that card just holler! :D


Always welcome new m8's!
Yeah im with ya!

All my old jeans threaten to fall off on any type of stairs but new stuff (stuff i used to fit into) is tight! crazy
Good idea to get on Ebay and start selling your bigger clothes and maybe pick up a couple of suits for work at a snip.
I got rid of my size 12 clothes a couple of years ago thinking ah well I will never get in to them again now, gone are the days, and at 46 you have your family telling you, well, you wont suit being skinny anymore! but I think I will be ok up to a size 14, as have enough in my wardrobe, lol I hoard hate to chuck anything out. I am a size 18 at the moment slowly fitting into size 16... but cant wait to buy something size 12!

You must feel fantastic though, I am quite scared though, as a friend of mine did WW and she lost about 3 stone, got rid of all her big clothes... gee I thought it was xmas.... but she has put it all back on!!

Primark sell suits , they arnt exactly the quality that will last ages but they do last a bit so maybe its worth a jolly to primark . They aren't that bad im wearing one as a temporary measure not necessarily my first choice in tailoring but everyone knows im on this diet and that i dont want to spend a fortune on clothes
have the same problem! 20's to big but can only get into 2 pairs of size 18's...have no intention of getting more clothes when I intend not to be this weight for very long. Am just having to wear my big clothes, until I can get into small clothes


Is Irrepressible!! : )
As much as I am loving this diet, the clothing part is a nightmare!!

I have been into Primark a couple of times and picked up a few bits and pieces. I was on holiday at the end of August and decided that as I also didn't have any casual wear, I'd get a couple of pairs of jeans. So I bought 2 pairs of size 14 skinny jeans, (never thought I'd see the day when I would get into skinny jeans!!). Now they are too freaking big! Even when I tumble dried them!

You must feel fantastic though, I am quite scared though, as a friend of mine did WW and she lost about 3 stone, got rid of all her big clothes... gee I thought it was xmas.... but she has put it all back on!!
Val, it's true I do and the feeling you get from this diet it tremendous! But I am going to get rid of all my big clothes because I am damned if I am going to put any of the weight back on. It will be hard, but I will succeed! :D


Peace Love Happiness
I was wondering if we could set up a clothing swap/sell thing. I think I saw one up on the SW forum.

I'm going to sell my good big clothes on ebay and buy some smaller ones there too...but if we could do something here maybe it would be good.


a new way of living!
I have been living out of matalan and charity shops! then all my bigger clothes go to mum or to charity!

might try ebaying a bag of stuff as a bulk buy and see what comes up.
Primark all the way, I have to teach in a college and cant go in tatty with my trousers falling off so I got a few trousers and tops in there they do just fine
ill wear a black sack if im slim lol

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