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Clothing sizes...


has started again!!
What exactly are they all about?

I have clothes in so many assorted sizes right now, that I really have no idea where I am at size-wise!

I try on 20s which are way too big in some stores, then way too small in others. I bought a size 14 sweater in Matalan sale (for my hols) and it very nearly fits now! A size 16 top in Fat Face was the perfect size, but some size 16 Voodoo Dolls crops are ridiculously small - I honestly dont think they would ever fit, unless I have the ubiquitous tummy tuck!!

Any thoughts?
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Clothing sizes drive me mad. I wish they would be standardised across the board. Some shops have up to a 2 inch waist size difference for the same "size 20" clothes. Some shops think a 40 inch waist is a 20 some say a 38 inch waist is a 20 - I only know about and mention 20's as an example because it seems to be the point i reach on previous diets that I can't get past and end up giving up on. I have been striving to be a size 18 for years, but just when I think I must have lost enough weight to finally be fitting in to them - the new seasons clothes (particularly for M&S) come out and the goal posts appear to have been moved.
Also annoying little things like (M&S again) if you shop in the main range you will be on any particular day a size 20. But if you end up trying on clothes in the "plus" range - you will be more like a 22 or a 24. You would think that in a section designed for larger women the sizing would be more on the generous side to make you happier - or is it just cynical old me that thinks they do it on purpose to make you think that you won't fit into the main range and will continue to shop in the plus range where clothes tend to be slightly more expensive?? Maybe I am just grumpy and jaded from shopping in tiny clothes sections full of frump and viscose - but I can still moan can't I? The day i say goodbye to plus ranges and Evans will be the turning point of my whole life - bring it ON!!!!!


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I'm with you on that one Sarah, I'm a 20 in some Evans stuff and some sports stuff and yet size 20 dp pants will only fasten if I brrreeeaaaaaaatttthhhhheeee in!

It's really annoying.



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Don't even get me started on the size thing!!!

Not only do they vary between shops but why is the gap so different between the bigger sizes versus the smaller ones. There are 2 inches between a 16 and and 18 versus 1 between most 8s and 10s. (Not that I wear them but you know!!). It is really annoying when you are losing weight that you end up sticking at a certain size for ages because the gaps are so wide. Do thinner people not mind this or is to keep them in check. It is no wonder bigger girls end up putting the weight on when you can stay at the same size for so long.

One of the main benefits of LL is that you will go through the sizes as quickly as possible. It is no wonder with WW that you get so fed up in addition to slow weight loss. (1/2 a pound - as people used to quote the Royle Family 'you can p*** 1/2 a pound)!!!


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