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Club 10 confusion...


I will succeed!!!
Hi all -

Apologies if I am being dim, but I don't understand my Club 10 figure...

My start weight was 11st 10lbs (164lbs)

My consultant put my Club 10 as 10st 8lbs and in my first group meeting I thought it was higher than it should be (I didn't want to get it too soon etc).

I checked on my online SW account and it also says 10st8lbs...

...but I calculated my Club 10 as 147.6lbs (164-16.4) which is 10st6lbs (rounded up).

It's not a big deal - only 2 lbs, but I am either confused or thick...
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A moaning old boot!!!!
Are you remembering that there are 14lbs in a stone?? Your club 10 will be at 10st 8lbs. 164lbs-16.4lbs is 147.6. 14 x 10 = 140 + 8 = 148!!! Hope that made sense. Its just that the 0.6 on a calculator is not 6lbs in weight, its 0.6 of 1.00.


I will succeed!!!
Dang it I am just being thick then. I just deducted 10% from 164 and divided by 14. Thanks for helping me clarify that I am indeed a thicko ;) xxx
sorry cant help you i dont know what mine is no one wrote it down on mine and dont know how to work it out. sorry xxx

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