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  1. gilliansarah

    gilliansarah Member

    wat weight wud i need to get to for my club 10? im not sure how it works.lol. my weight wen i stared was 12st 6lbs, its now 11st 10lbs, how many lbs to club 10? xxxx
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  3. snowwhite85

    snowwhite85 Silver Member

    If I remember rightly it's 10% of your original body weight so (14 x 12) + 6 =174 lbs, so 17.4 lbs to lose, you've already lost 7.5 so 10 to go :) This is just my maths though, people might say lose 17 or 18? Good luck :D
  4. gilliansarah

    gilliansarah Member

    i lost another 2lbs last nite so ive lost 9.5lbs, does that mean ive another 8lbs to go? i think my weight then will be 11st 2lbs, wud that be right? im terrible with numbers .lol xxxx
  5. snowwhite85

    snowwhite85 Silver Member

    11st 2.5 lbs I think. I'm not too good with converting lbs back into stones because you can't just divide it by 14 :mad: Hope you hit it, I don't think I'll ever reach mine lol ;)
  6. gilliansarah

    gilliansarah Member

    oh i hope so! just another 7.5 to go then....i think! easier said than done tho.lol. but it goves me sumfin yo focus on, help me stick at it and not cheat.lol. xxxxx
  7. Jadeyxx

    Jadeyxx Full Member

    I'm sure you can work it out on the slimming world website. It's also in the books. Are you doing it at home?

    Well done on your loss so far :D won't be long until you get your club 10


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