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Co Enzyme Q10

** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!
I've read in a magazine that taking the supplement Co Enzyme Q10 can double your weightloss. I've researched it on the internet and there doesn't seem to be any indication what the correct dosage is.
In Boots you can get 1 months supply of 10mg for £4.99 or 200mg for £34.95. That's a big price difference!
I was just wondering if anyone was using it or knew anything about it? :confused:
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I've heard of it, and I believe that lady from the Idiot Proof diet swears by it.
I've also heard of other people taking in with no effect though.


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a great fat burner is to eat half a grapefruit before each meal, but be aware if you take statins for high cholestrol, you CANNOT eat or drink grapefruit.

sue x
I am about to start taking Q10 but for fertility reasons - I have heard it can aid weightloss so we will see xxx
I know this is an old discussion but just feel like adding a comment:

I am using Q10 and from experience I found that it helps me lose weight. So I am now taking it every day and normally 60mg.

I have since tried to investigate a few more details and what I have found out is that Q10 will only help you if your body is not producing enought. Therefore for most people you will not get any weight-loss benefit. But for the few that do not natually create enought you will feel a huge different: Not saying that you loss weight just by taking it but I do normally loss twice the weight when I take it compare to not taking it.

I also found out that determing if you need it or not is hard, so the recommendation was to give it a 30 days try - it you don't feel any different then there are no reason to continue.

This is ofcouse just my person finding - hope it might be useful for some.

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