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Coconut flapjack

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Decided to try one coconut flapjack this week and had it last night . Now I had heard on the site that most people think they are disgusting but as I pride myself on eating "Anything" (Not a bit Fussy) and having eaten various "Healthy " flapjacks before I said how bad could they be .... O my god they smell and taste like cattle feed.There is no flavour or taste whatsoever .I gave a little piece to my dog and she just sniffed it and looked at me as if to say "you have got to be kidding " .... I was so sad I didnt have my soup . Never again :sign0137:
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:8855:Oh no. R they that bad. I was going to get some 2mora aswell. I have been thinking the same as you thought before you had one. Well im sure I will be thinking the same then lol.


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After 4wks I'm actually getting a taste for them....oh dear....! LOL!


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i havent got on with the flap jacks either reely didnt like um but sum do saying that i dont like the soup either
but me pharmacist 2day sed you can put them in the microwave 2 make them a bit better i dont no how that works tho lol


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yep they are awful, I referred to them as burnt poo lol

But I think your description of cattle feed is very very good :)


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When OH did LT he took every bite with a gulp of black tea. He didn't enjoy them per se but he did get useed to them and it helped with that all consuming urge to chew. I might get one to try when my time comes. I reckons you're all just babies lol
S: 15st4lb C: 14st7.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st10.5lb(4.91%)
Babies !!!!!!!!!

Babies !!!!! . Try one black rose and come back and tell us what you think !! :D . Well done to hubby though and to irish Mum . You must have constitutions of steel. Sorry if this thread is negative but that was the emotion i felt last night on eating this. I love my strawberry shake and the soup at the moment :):)


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I must be a bit of a weirdo.. I had my first coconut flapjack today and I honestly didn't think it was too bad lol the first couple of bites tasted really salty but after that i was fine :eek:


Getting thinner everyday!
Gross aren't they!



Here we go again!
I so wished I liked those flapjacks. They would be so much easier for work.

Ah well, refeed in about 9 weeks and can't wait!


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i have to agree with you mini b it would make it alot easyier for me 2 if the flap jacks wher nice for work 2


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I also are starting to enjoy them :) Almost on my 5th week now, and I can eat them without having to hold my nose and down a pint of water at the same time ;D I take them with me when I go out and stuff


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They smell like my dogs dry meal food! YUCK YUCK YUCK i went to Berlin for the weekend once and had to endure the dreaded flapjacks !!


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Well I'm the complete oposite, I love 'em! I have mine for breakfast and its my treat of the day. Also completely stopped that horrible furry tongue I was getting!

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