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Coconut VS Peanut?



Getting married in July!!
Yuck yuck. Couldnt eat either of them sorry
Coconut. They sort of grow on you. There's a pronounced metallic aftertaste to them which takes a while to get used to, and I think the coconut covers it up better than the peanut.

Very handy items to have on you when you're LTing out and about though.
I think they taste identical, i couldn't tell any difference between them. worth a try, but dont get ur hopes up... cos i was expecting special k bar and got cardboard.
Peanut! Love them!!! Ok love them is a bit strong but compared to the shakes they are quite nice!

If I were you I'd get one of each. The trick is to eat them while drinking water. They are less dry that way!

Niamh xxx
Right-o, I'll get one of each to try on Sat - I mean they can't be THAT bad that I couldn't force one down if neccesary?

Bren, remind me I want to try these if I 'forget' when telling the lady how many I want of each flavour shake please!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Both are pretty bad. However, they are handy for days out. You need to break it in to tiny pieces and take it with loads of water or tea etc. Just get a couple in case you really hate them!
peanut is my preference but try one of each!
coconut is the better one.
Iv been eating the peanut, find them less salty if that makes sense? I just find it helps to have sumfin solid in my tummy sumtimes. But I think its down to individual taste at the end of the day.
Peanut is kinda ok if u nibble little bits off at a time, dont take a big bite, it will take forever to chew and swallow - which i did then nearly threw up. But yeah in little bits its not too bad. Dunno about the coconut. lol
Well, she remembered them and tried it in the car and pronounced it 'quite nice' I think - I had a tiny nibble and thought the taste was fine! I'm even going to brave a peanut one next week; not sure about coconut, as I'm not a big fan anyway (but it's more the texture than taste - that horrible sound of teeth slicing through most coconutty confectionary is HORRID!)
As Bren says, I did indeed remember and got one of each to try.

As I was out all day today I had the peanut one in the car and it wasn't actually too bad at all. It was certainly nice to actually eat something and although the texture was very dry and heavy, drinking plenty of water with it conteracted that issue. I thought it tasted very much of peanuts, just not in the least bit sweet (which is fine by me!). Maybe because I've waited until week 5 to try these my tastebuds have had time to adjust to the unusual flavour of LT and that's why I did quite like it.

I'm out again tomorrow so will take the coconut one to try then but all being well I may have found a solution to my problem regarding how to manage shakes for lunch at work dilema!
Oh I was dying to hear what you thought of them. They are great for out and about. Am so glad you liked them. And you are so right about waiting to try them. If you had them the first week you prob would have hated them. Its amazing what 5 weeks without solid food will do.... lol

Niamh xxx
And I tried a coconut one too. Same verdic, they make a nice change and taste quite nice - but they are very dry so make sure you wash them down with plenty of water.

Bren the coconut ones have exactly the same texture as the peanut ones, just a mildly coconutty taste :)

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