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coffe with milk on SS

hi everyone, day 6 of my restart, doing good, well into ketosis, not hungry, drinking loads of water, my scales show a good loss but not getting excited as i go by the CDC`s scales,( weigh in tuesday)
anyway, ive been drinking black coffee with no sugar, ive got use to it, but its not like when you have a nice cuppa and think mmmm that was really nice lol,
i just wondered if any of you have used skimmed milk in you coffee/tea whilst on SS and still had good losses?
i dont want to go on SS+ as i dont want the extra pack, just wondered what you think about it?
thanks :)
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ooo i'd be really interested to hear an answer to this. sometimes i think if i could just have a cup of tea with a splash of milk it would stop me wanting to eat and really help. surely a dash of milk would be better than eating something?
well my thoughts of thinking were if your allowed skimmed milk on SS+ AND and extra pack, and still lose weight then surley a dash of milk wont hurt?
can anyone help us lol?
Personally, I use about a quarter of a pack of vanilla shake in a mug of coffee with 2 sweeteners....makes it taste well creamy, and I serve it in a latte mug. If you froth it up with a milk frother thingy it's even better yeyyyyy xx
Well I have been on SS since 2nd Feb and my CDC has always said I can have 200ml of skimmed milk per day. I probably never actually drink this amount, but I certainly have 2 or three cups of coffee a day with skimmed milk. I thought it was a fairly new thing allowing skimmed milk on SS. I have still lost 2st 3lb and have never been out of ketosis since about day 4 of first starting:)
I was drinking semi-skimmed milk in my coffee the first week (about 4 a day) and still managed to loose 9lb. my CDC said its ok to have 200ml of milk if u have to have it,now i only have 1 or 2 cups of coffee with skimmed milk as a evening treat..lol. :)


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ladies, i am sole source wih 4 pkt a day and still have 1/2pt ss milk a day and am having good loses, i did try to do the black coffee thing but it was just not the same, I do however tend to keep my milk allowance for my first and last cup of coffee in the day as that is when i need it most


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I had a black coffee today and it was really bitter, I think I'll just stick to water cos a cuppa's just not the same without milk
I`ve had a splash of skimmed milk in my tea first thing in the morning and again at 4pm with my toffee bar.
I`ve done this since day one, ok, maybe my losses could have been a bit more, but as long as I`m still in ketosis I don`t mind.
Also, to be honest, I think its helped me stay on this diet, as I so look forward to my 2 cuppas !! ( I used to have at least 10 cuppas a day before doing CD !!)

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