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not sure - probably not, but check with LT or your pharmacist if nobody here knows.
As far as i was told you are not meant to increase your amount of tea or coffee i don't know if this is because of weight gain or purely becoming reliant on caffeine because you get so tired on lipotrim. I do think you should try decrease your coffee intake or switch to decaffeinated purely because you don't want to become reliant on it like you were on food. Definitely talk to your pharmacist about your concerns to put your mind at ease.
interesting! i'd not been told that :)

although, i do drink less of both (was off tea for weeks) as don't like either *that* much without milk.


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I dont see coffee being too much of a problem, although I agree with anne-marie that you should switch to decaf if your having more than usual. The caffeine in coffee acts as a diuretic (sp?) so if your having a lot you may need the loo more often, having said that if your drinking tons of the stuff it can have the opposite affect and your body can retain fluid. You should be fine though, best to check with your pharmacist. I have about 8 teaspoons a day (counting mixing in with the shakes and I dont drink tea) and it hasnt affected my results at all :D
I never used to drink coffee at all but since being on the Lipotrim I love adding it to the vanilla and chocolate shakes. I now have it 3 times a day and have had no problems with my losses. x

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