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When I was at the chesmist today I said that I would only like to have the vanilla shakes, I dont really like choc or stawberry milkshakes so im guessing i wont like LT's!! She said that i would get bored quickly so i said well i was going to mix coffee into them and she said that was not allowed. I really can't see why its not allowed if you can drink coffee??

Does anyone know anything more about this?

Thanks ;)
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You are allowed :)

But also, you should try atleast one of all the shakes!

you dont know if you will like it or not
you are allowed i have a vanilla with coffee every morning, and it is so nice, make sure you mix well with a wisk so theres no lumps x
My pharmicist recommended putting coffee in with the chocolate or the vanilla - to vary things! Strange that yours said not to! Print this off and take it with you next time!!! Ha ha!!



Here we go again!
All the pharmacists advice differ from chemist to chemist! Pity they can't all give the same, correct advice! Coffee is allowed. I also agree with Chels, you should try all of the shakes and soup to see which ones you like. At least you will know for sure then!


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I have a lovely hot latte every morning in a nice cup so its even more special :D
Never thought of putting coffee in the choc though, will try that xxx


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I add coffee and ice cubes to my vanilla shake, its lovely an tastes like an iced latte.


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As youv heard above it is ok to add coffee, dont know what your chemist was going on about!! I have all chocolate shakes and im not bored with them at all!


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i have only 1 sachet of vanilla just to try it. not keen but might try adding coffee


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i have coffee in my vanila shake its lovely my chemist advised its fine try it x


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In my first week my pharmacist 'made' me (well, strongly recommended! LOL!) try a little of EVERTHING, so I'd know exactly what I did/didn't like, and not depend on previous experiences, or other peoples opinions. I really don't like strawberry flavoured anything, but the shakes weren't too bad! I also found I love the soups and have really developed a taste for the flapjacks, so I'm really pleased they made me try everything first- now I know for sure what I do/don't like!


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vannilla and the choclate ive found are both good with coffee

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